{working hard is so great.}

oh man, do you ever have days when you think, “i can’t possibly do any more!!!”, and then three seconds later you find yourself back at work, working so hard so that you can make deadlines? oh man, because that’s totally where i’m at. it’s late… it’s almost 10:30pm here. zack is in the basement working on something for SNAP, a handmade conference in salt lake city that i’ll be flying out to in just 2 days. err, how about 1.5 days?! i can hear power tools coming from below. bauer’s having the time of his life with his toys and i’m sitting in our living room staring at the piles of mess that are everywhere. ooooops!, hah! i am so so so looking forward to SNAP. i can’t wait to hung my friends and meet new ones! i can’t wait for the sessions and to speak and share a little bit of what i’ve learned. i can’t wait for the handmade market that’s scheduled for friday + saturday.

and even though i think, “i can’t possibly do anymore!!!” i know this is the right path for me. my back may be tired but my heart is full. receipts may dot my desk like confetti but i’m OK with it :) work is work… work is great. working hard is so great. XOXO

PS. a little glimpse of what i’m bringing to SNAP…

PPS. we’re leaving for tanzania in less than 3 weeks. i reviewed our itinerary while we’re gone and it includes like 12 airplanes. ha ha. ha ha ha… :}

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    working hard is SO GREAT and so worth all the efforts. wish i could go to snap. maybe next year. you will do great on you presentation(s). i heard you at blogsugar and loved you, naturally.
    safe safe travels.
    i can’t believe tanzania is so close! who is watching bauer?

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    Have a wonderful time. How do you get all your inventory on the plane? Is hubby driving?
    Good luck at both events and especially tour trip to Tanzania.

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    I can’t wait to hear about Tanzania! I also like hearing about all the conferences you go to!
    Safe travels. If Bauer needs a place to stay, my in-laws have been known to do doggy daycare. email me if you want more info. :0)

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    Jessica says

    I love your blog! Thanks for sharing all of your positivity and inspiration with us. I just went back and read all your posts on flying. Thanks so much for posting. I have the same feelings, and my fear was brought on suddenly with out warning too. I just wanted to let you know that sharing your story, and how you are able to be brave and have faith in yourself, god and each flight that you take is super inspiring. I admire your bravery. I haven’t flown commercially in years(although I took a flight on a very tiny, private plane…which is usually way scarier) but I plan to take a trip this year and enjoy Disney with my family and my beautiful son. I want him to experience all the great things and gifts that life has to offer. Thanks again for sharing, inspiring and for being so brave. I know I will be the same when my flight comes ;)

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    I agree with you, working hard really is great and making dead lines is so exciting, it really helps me to produce sooooo much more, sometimes I’m working all day and at the end of the day it is hard to put my finger on what I accomplished that day……. But today I got what I wanted to get done and ohhhh how rewarding it feels, it’s 1:30 am and it was so worth it…
    Have a blast in Utah how exciting…


  1. […] HERE’S WHAT I MEAN: i think it’s really easy to have big dreams and run with them, to chase after them regardless of who’s watching. because let’s be honest, it’s super duper easy get started when you’re excited about something. but what’s really important is to KEEP RUNNING even after you realize who’s watching. [or, maybe more realistically, who isn't watching.] it’s not about the numbers {or sales}, it’s about being high on life {drug-free, of course!}. that’s what i wanted to chase a few years ago when i started Gussy Sews ~ and sometimes it feels like i have little signs taped everywhere in our house, reminding me of such things. because just like i shared here, working hard is so great. […]

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