{what’s inside my make-up bag?}

hi everyone! so a few weeks ago i thought it would be super fun to share on my friend heather’s blog “WHAT’S IN MY MAKE-UP BAG!”, since i’m always interested in finding about + trying new make-up. i’ve been wearing make-up for for almost 15 years, so crazy! i started with a jet black mascara {with a fat wand, please!} and slowly started wearing eyeliner, eyeshadow, foundation, blush + lip gloss as well.

for me, a “natural” look is my favorite. if zack and i go on a fun date i’ll apply another coat of mascara, add another swipe of blush and maybe some lipstick, but that’s about it! i haven’t braved RED lipstick yet although it sounds like it would be fun!!! maybe that’ll be next on my list ;D

before i share what’s inside my bag i thought it would be helpful to share more about my skin type, since i know that plays a huge role in selecting make-up. my skin is a little bit oily and definitely problematic! if i’m wearing foundation it absolutely has to be high-end. basically, anything that can be bought at Target or a drug store is a no-no. within hours these low-end products irritate my skin causing me to breakout. however, the rest of what i wear is inexpensive, thank goodness!

as for my cleansing routine, every morning + night i wash my face. i love this foam wash for the morning and these wipes for the evening. i use astringent 2x/day and follow-up with a light moisturizer 2x/day. something else i’ve learned that has played a huge role in my make-up + cleansing routine is this: anything with SPF in it causes me to breakout as well. it’s so weird, but instead of focusing on this i just move forward with what i’ve learned and make sure to not spend too much time out in the sun. i also love these oil blotting sheets and use 1-2 daily {is that TMI?}.

OK, so now that i’ve shared about my skin type + my morning routine let’s get to the fun part, MY MAKE-UP!

i wear make-up just about every single day and am faithful at washing it off at night. i’m a dork, but i can’t sleep if i know i have foundation or mascara on, hah! here’s what i wear on most days, in order of application…

* MAKEUP FOREVER HIGH DEFINITION PRIMER {NEUTRAL} — i just started using primer, and i know it sounds a little bit silly BUT it totally works and has helped my foundation stay put for a few extra hours. it feels a little cool upon application and it’s a little bit relaxing to “paint” it on with my make-up brush.

* SONIA KASHUK RETRACTABLE MAKE-UP BRUSH — one end is for my foundation, the other is for my blush! and i love that there are caps for both brush types so they stay clean a bit longer.

* LAURA MERCIER SILK CREME FOUNDATION {CREAM IVORY} — this is my new favorite foundation! it has lovely coverage, ranging in light to heavy depending on how many applications you apply. it covers redness, blemishes, and gives me a nice base for applying bush :)

* CLINIQUE BLENDED FACE POWDER — for a matte finish!

* NARS BLUSH {MADLY} — did you know when you color your hair you should also change your make-up?! this was news to me! in february i went into sephora looking for a few new items and told the cosmetologist i felt like my make-up made me look washed out. i was with a friend who reminded me i had recently colored my hair {from blonde to reddish/brown}. the cosmetologist found me a new blush and YEOW! my life has been changed forever! ;) this specific color {Madly by Nars} is fantastic!!!

* COVER GIRL EYESHADOW {CHAMPAGNE} — such a pretty, light, shimmery color ~ it’s been a favorite for many years :)

* EYE SHADOW BRUSH — the brush i use is similar to this. it’s simple + provides a quick application.

* MAYBELLINE DEFINE-A-LINE EYELINER {BROWNISH BLACK} — again, an all time favorite for many years. BONUS: if you need to wipe it off and start over {because seriously, sometimes i need to do that!} it comes off clean! no need for make-up remover.

* MAYBELLINE THE COLOSSAL VOLUM’ EXPRESS MASCARA {GLAM BLACK} — i’ve been wearing mascara for years… since i was like 12! so that’s about 15 years now ;D my theory is to match your mascara wand with what your lash type is. so for me, i love a fat, dense mascara wand. i’ve tried using something thinner but my eyelashes get all clumpy and weird. i have naturally long, thick, curled lashes – DON’T HATE ME! – so two coats of mascara is all i need.

* NAIL POLISH — my favorites are Essie, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear + Sally Hansen Diamond Strength (top coat)

i feel kinda like we’re back in 7th grade, sitting in a circle on the floor with our kaboodle’s flipped open ;D my kaboodle was pink with glitter, if you’re wondering! make-up is fun to play with and even more fun to wear when you know you’re going on a fun date with your man or some girlfriends.

SHARE WITH ME BELOW: what is YOUR favorite make-up item? do tell!!!

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    I really need a new face cleansing routine, I might have to try some of the things in your face routine because my face HATES me right now. Most people have terrible skin while pregnant, but I am the reverse, my skin is amazing during pregnancy but after it stinks. My daughter is 2.5 this has to stop! I love CG eyeshadow too and my new fave is elf studio eyeshadow.

  2. 2

    jamielynn colbert says

    thanks gussy!
    Ive been on the look out for a new full coverage foundation; Ive been using Estee Lauders double wear for years, and my breakouts are so so lame. Hope to try the LM foundation you mentioned. tell me, do you feel like the primer is a necessary addition to the foundation; or an added bonus? jamielynn

    • 3


      i think it’s optional… it does help my foundation to last a few extra hours but i’m used to touching up my make-up halfway through the day. :)

  3. 4


    I really LOVE Mary Kay mascara and Mac bronzer. Those are my 2 big ticket items. As for the rest, I fill in the blanks with the Target stuff.

    And….I’m a freak about a clean face too…and feet. I have to wash my feet every night before bed. I CANNOT sleep if my feet feel dirty! ;)

    Thanks for the tips!

  4. 6


    My make-up routine feels too much like work :( I don’t thik I’ve found the right products. Because everything I use isn’t quite right EVERYTHING feels like so much of a chore to put on. EXCEPT my mascara, which I love and wear all the time.

    My skin is cyclical. Does that make sense? Two weeks out of the month it’s absolutely awesome, the other two weeks it’s awful. So I get two weeks of nice skin, a (hormone induced) breakout, and then a week of how-else-can-I-baby-my-skin recovery period where I’m just waiting for it to go back to looking better.

    • 7


      i don’t think you’ve found the right products… i spend about 5-7 minutes with make-up, which doesn’t seem like much to me. do you have a sephora near you? they have a wide range of products + prices so don’t freakout about that :) OR — go and have them test products and show you colors + applications, but buy them elsewhere for a lower price.

  5. 10


    Champagne is MY fave, too! Love it!!

    And as for the red lipstick, you could TOTALLY rock it. I’m convinced a little red lipstick makes everything better. Try MAC Pro Longwear in Lasting Lust. The trick with red lips is you have to wear the stuff that will last – not come off after a sip of water. Get it, girl! :)

  6. 12


    Fun ~ I want to play make-up too! My latest fav foundation is from Bare Minerals. I’m also a lover of Nars blush – but my go-to blush name — makes me well *blush* (starts with an O) …lately I have been experimenting with brighter lipstick shades, like violet.
    You can see my new Spring Face here! http://lovefeasttable.com/blog/spring-makeup-ideas/
    Gussy you should totally go for a red poppy lip — you could totally rock it!! ~ CA

  7. 14


    Kaboodles! Ah, I miss those. I’d totally get one but they’re such space hoggers. ;)

    My all-time favorite product that I always use is Stila’s Illuminating Liquid Foundation. My skin is much like yours, Gussy: oily but sensitive and prone to breakouts when using cheaper products. However, I hardly ever pay over $16 for it (it retails for $38) because I can usually find it through a shop owner on Amazon– just in case anyone is interesting in trying it but doesn’t want to shell out $38+ for it. It is absolutely FAB! Some new makeup that I’ve bought in recent weeks that I’m surprisingly loving is Revlon’s Just Bitten lip stains and Maybelline’s new Bouncy Dream Blush (in Orchid Hush…my fave!). They both have such an amazing texture and the application is flawless. Not to mention they hold up on my greasy face throughout the day. Ha!

    Can you tell I’m obsessed with makeup?

  8. 17

    Nicole says

    Oh my Lord. How I wish I would have gone to school to be an esthetician! I am obsessed with make up and skincare. Anywho, my favorite make-up product is MAC’s Mineralize Skin Finish pressed powder. You can use a little for light coverage, or more for a medium natural coverage. I used to use both foundation and powder on a daily basis, but with oily skin, I’ve found that just the mineral powder is all I need. If I’m going out for a special date or something with my husband I’ll wear foundation then a light dusting of powder, but like you use a primer first. It makes a huge difference. Also, MAC’s eye shadows are amazing. Sure they’re a little pricey (around $15 a piece), but so, so worth it. Naked Lunch is a great nude color. And I LOVE Bioelements All Things Pure Moisturizer for daily skin care routine. Again, a little pricey, but worth it. My skin looks and feels amazing, and it’s all natural. And…if you’re finding your skin too oily with the astringent, try a toner without alcohol in it. Bioelements has a great one. You can often find it on Amazon for less than $20 and it lasts forever.

  9. 18


    i loved this post, maggie.
    is your makeup bag NOT a gussysews bag? gasp!!
    my favorite makeup item is clinique’s powder foundation…a few swipes and i’ve got medium coverage.
    i also like black liquid eyeliner to wear on the top lid, with or without eyeshadow.
    i have been washing my face 2x a day since 7th grade. mostly i used mary kay but i’ve experienced thru the years.

  10. 20


    I loved this post. I’m the baby of my family, so going through mom or sisters make- up drawer was always fun! I may have to try Laura mercer, I hate face make-up, I hate feeling shellacked, but I also hate my mammoth pores! When I worked as a Clinique consultant I had to wear it, so I got used to it, but since having kids I can’t/won’t spend time making up my face, usually I put on my brows and mascara. I’m a cover girl, remarkable black. I am a product whore, I wear Estée moisturizer, brow pencil and eyeliner, Clinique shadow (stars truck/golden lynx) and Mac lipstick ( L.O.V.E viva glam IV) I bought myself the Olay face scrubber thingy, have mercy, I love it! I only use it once a week though, since I have sensitive skin. I too am oily. Ga-ross. No toner, I used Clinique but I got too dry.
    Question: with Laura mercer, does it come off on a tissue/clothes? That is one of the main reasons I hate and don’t wear face make up it rubs off on scarves, shirts…
    Great girlie post!

  11. 21


    If I had to pick just one favorite makeup item, I would have to say it is my Mary Kay TimeWise MatteWear Foundation. LOVE! It helps keep my oily skin from looking shiny all day, and gives AMAZING coverage!
    My skin care routine is the Mary Kay Miracle Set (3-in-1 Cleanser, Day Solution in morning, Night Solution at night, and Moisturizer) and I add in the MK Blemish Control toner or Acne Treatment Gel when needed for breakouts. I also use the Night Restore & Recover Complex. I’ve been using Mary Kay since I started taking care of my skin/wearing makeup, and it has never let me down!

  12. 23

    Nadir@StitchSense says

    Aaaahhhh! Kaboodles! I loved mine :-) My new fav thing is Cover girl fat lash mascara. :-)

  13. 24


    I adore Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Lash mascara – it seriously is the best mascara I’ve ever used, is only $9, and is super-natural! One of the best parts is that when it dries, it feels springy on your lashes. You know how most mascara feels hard and crusty? None of that with this! It makes my eyes look amazing…

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