{weekly Gussy shop update}

hooray — it’s time to show off {tee hehe} two more items that are new to the Gussy shop: victorian tangerine + pink floweret market totes! this tote is a smaller version of our tote/diaper bag. but it’s just as cute — includes our signature ruffle, and measures 11.5″ x 15″ {horizontal} with two gray straps measuring 24″ each.

use our market tote as a purse, book/library bag, or to help keep the little people in your life quiet while sitting in church or in a meeting.

YEOW, and guess what?! our market totes are just $59!

* * *

also noteworthy // i spent a few hours last week reviewing our prices, looking for a way to make our products MORE AFFORDABLE while still maintaining the high-quality product you’re used to. and i did it! a handful of product categories now have long-term lower prices, but there’s more! we also have a nice little SALE section, too! many items have been marked down by 20% — take a peek?

i’m sure appreciate your patience as i constantly seek to offer the best prices on our products :)

that’s all i got! we leave for tanzania this friday, which is F O U R days away! oh my goodness, the butterflies! ♥ i can’t wait for our adventure… it’s going to be heart-swelling.


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    I just fell in love. With a tote. Is that even possible?

    By the way maggie – did my first craft fair ever this weekend! blogged about it and took lots of pictures – http://www.ellaryeboutique.etsy.com I’d love to see what you think about my booth! It was a small school fair so I didn’t go nuts on my booth but I worked really hard on it! :)

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