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yay, happy monday!!! today is the start of weekly gussy sews shop updates. I’M SEW EXCITED! seriously, this has been on my mind for months, and thanks to a super inspiring chat with my friend over the weekend at SNAP! i’m happy to be putting this back into practice. it feels so great! what else are mondays for if not to start the week off right?! ;D

gray stripes tote/diaper bag ~ perfect as a travel, work or tote/diaper bag
[bag body measures 12″ x 16″]

tangerine + crazy gray stripes, with a hint of gray blue + mustard on the inside…
so lovely and fresh and happy and perfect for spring/summer!

^ my friend, my allora handmade

really, truly, seriously the most comfortable tote bag i’ve ever carried! the straps on our tote/diaper bags are padded [24″ in total length] and this is my GO TO bag when i travel or run errands around town. our bags also super light-weight, which is perfection :)

WHAT FITS INSIDE A GUSSY SEWS TOTE/DIAPER BAG // {shown below} a 13″ macbook, weekly planner, medium zipped pouch, large zipped pouch, wallet, keys, sunglasses + more…

click here to see all gussy sews tote/diaper bags

* * *

REMEMBER // all items inside the gussy shop are limited in quantity! to avoid sell-out and to own a gussy, click here to shop :)

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    Of all the Gussy bags that I have, this is my favorite too. I actually use mine as a trendy “briefcase” every day. People always ask where I got and I get to share my Gussy love. The straps really are lovely.

  2. 3


    this looks so comfy for us mamas, but so stylish too…great work Maggie! I love it!!

    It was so fun seeing all of you girl’s sharing pictures on Instagram of your weekend…how I would love to do a blogger conference some day soon! <3

    • 4


      you should, you should! it has been one of the best investments for my business! SO MANY people to share your shop + blog with!!! :) i think tauni is announcing the 2013 date for snap next year SOON! put it on your cal!

  3. 13


    I was just thinking about what Mom needs this year…she is back in school so a cute tote bag isn’t a bad idea. Oh and where did you two get those necklaces in the 2nd photo?

    I wonder if I could get one that coordinates to the bag I choose…

  4. 15


    The color and print combination are lovely! Truly truly Iovely!

    P.S. It’s great that you said a 13″ Macbook fits in it. That really gives me an idea of the size.

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