{on “overnight success” + caine’s arcade}

the energy + enthusiasm + creativity that caine has is out-of-this-world AWESOME! this 9yo boy has inspired me immensely, and all it took was watching this 11 minute video. it only took a few seconds for me and i was hooked ;) but while watching i saw deep opposition between caine’s attitude + the indie biz movement.

HERE’S WHAT I MEAN: i think it’s really easy to have big dreams and run with them, to chase after them regardless of who’s watching. because let’s be honest, it’s super duper easy get started when you’re excited about something. but what’s really important is to KEEP RUNNING even after you realize who’s watching. [or, maybe more realistically, who isn’t watching.] it’s not about the numbers {or sales}, it’s about being high on life {drug-free, of course!}. that’s what i wanted to chase a few years ago when i started Gussy Sews ~ and sometimes it feels like i have little signs taped everywhere in our house, reminding me of such things. because just like i shared here, working hard is so great.

however, with indie biz, i haven’t found a set formula that says after x months you’ll see x results. but i think many of us expect that. CONFESSION: i know i have expected this at times! my encouragement for you is to keep, keep, keep going; then, keep, keep, keep chasing after what excites you. when you’re not looking you’ll find “overnight success”. it doesn’t happen overnight, but you’ll feel it overnight. remember, overnight success isn’t always measured through media coverage or a giant paycheck. even though you’re energy is directed towards your passion make sure you take a step back once-in-a-while so you don’t miss when it happens :)

so what do you think? do you feel encouraged to look past the hard, challenging days that come with running a business? do you feel challenged to keep your focus on your dreams so you don’t miss your moment of “overnight success”?

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    I SO needed to hear this today! ^_^ Thank you! I watched that sweet short film last week – and it’s so true. Thanks for sharing the encouraging words!

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    I saw Caine’s video last week and was totally inspired too! I think that my encouragement/energy to keep going come in spurts- some weeks I’m on fire and ready for anything and other weeks I fall into despair about not meeting sales goals or things like that. I think that the key for me is balance, and to remember that slow times do not mean I’ve failed or done something wrong!

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    I heard about this on the radio last week and went online to view the video! So sweet! It was such a cool video and story. =) I hope he does well in life.
    Alesha <3

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    sometimes YES, it is a challenging to stay focused on my dreams and keep, keep, keep going. i feel like i am waiting for my moment and per our phone call, you said “you are so close, mindy.” and often i ask, BUT WHEN? but i really try not to let that govern the WHY. i write my blog to inspire, encourage, and make people laugh. i create my headbands and co-run a brick/mortar so i can bring smiles to women/girl’s faces. to be a listening ear. there’s no price tag on that. sometimes it’s discouraging to not see the numbers (financially) where i’d like them…to where it would be EASIER to give my kids the best of things (like education), but then God gently reminds me that all things are within HIS timeline, not mine. thank you for your encouragement and inspiration, as always, maggie.

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      I find myself asking WHY and WHEN a lot too. They are such little words but so big in meaning. When I find myself asking God those questions I realize I need more quiet time with Him. Then I don’t feel like I have to ask them so often. It’s so hard to have patience, all the time. I know :) hang on to His word, though ~ He’ll provide when it’s time.

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    NayNay says

    THANK YOU! This is so inspiring! I have a shop in a SMALL town that gets NO TRAFFIC (2-3 customers each week) & I have been VERY discouraged recently. The LORD has blessed me with this opportunity & I do not need to waste it. I pray that I begin to have this much determination. Thank you Caine! THANK YOU again, Gussy!

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    I have always expected to be an overnight success – I think it fits well with my impatient nature. Even though I am not an overnight success and I know that lasting success takes lots of time and effort I still wonder if I am excusing inaction by thinking that it is ok to NOT be an overnight success. Do you know what I mean? It is ok to NOT be an overnight success but I don’t want this thinking to allow me to settle into a mind-set of complacency. So, like you said, I am just going to keep working harder and harder :).

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