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This month’s Inspiration Workshop! prompt is MY STYLE! I know many of you know what your style is, I see your What I Wore Wednesday posts ~ your instagram pics of your favorite pair of shoes, links on twitter to clothes + accessories you love ;D So for today, share with us your style! You can even link to your favorite WIWW post if you’d like, just make sure it’s a permalink and not a link to your blog homepage.

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Since starting WIWW, one goal I wanted to accomplish was to wear more color with my outfits ~ and I think I’ve successful done just that, yeow! Since most of my days are spent either cutting fabric, sewing, or blogging, I’ve noticed I like to be comfortable while I work.

My favorite part of my style is accessorizing — either through a fun, chunky ring or by wearing fun nail polish. If I’m wearing jewelry it’s usually either Lisa Leonard or Allora Handmade, and for headbands it’s usually one from my shop. Flip flops, a cute pair of flats, and a cozy pair of boots are the three types of shoes I wear most often. Although I do love to be barefoot year round ;)

Stores like Target, Forever 21 and Old Navy are my favorites. Have you heard of The No Brainer Wardrobe ebook? My friend Hayley of The Tiny Twig wrote it and it’s been a huge help for me… Hayley offers a step-by-step guide to building your wardrobe and has created darling outfit collages to show you what she means. See The No Brainer Wardrobe ebook here!!!

OK, so back to my style: colorful, comfy, cotton. Those three things are what I look for when shopping for clothes. I like to have neutral bottoms {leggings, shorts, skinny jeans} and then wear a top that can easily be layered. I peeked into my closet recently and couldn’t believe how many striped tops I have — so crazy! ;D

SHARE WITH US: what does your style look like? what’s your absolutely favorite outfit? favorite accessory? what color combos are you obsessed with wearing? xoxo

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    You always look so adorable! I’m with you – comfy, cute, colorful and cotton are my go-to clothing choices! I love maxi dresses and sundresses too – so easy to slip on and run out the door and simple to accessorize too! :) I haven’t gotten into the nail polish trend – I’m awful at painting my nails!! Plus I work with my hands and they would get chipped very quickly! ;)

  2. 2


    I love to be comfortable as well! Yoga pants and a colorful, flattering top are what I wear on days that I work for myself. When I work (part-time, at a quilt shop, yay!) for someone else, I wear jeans, a more or less professional-looking blouse (ie not a t-shirt), and my Barefoot Merrells. Comfy shoes are a must on those days! Most of my clothes are cotton or a blend (not positive, never really look at that) and most of the tops I wear to work are too. Oh, and I love PINK! (Waiting for a pink Gussy headband, hint hint).

  3. 5


    My daughters have long teased me that my style is “comfortable”; because no matter what the occasion, if they ask me what they should wear, I always say, “Something comfortable.” I tend to love classic lines with a bit of fun and color thrown in. I’ve also recently discovered I have tiny bits of ruffles on many of my shirts so I suppose there’s a bit of a romantic side in there as well. Loving your style and that you OWN comfort! I’m joining that club. :)

  4. 8


    LOVE your FUN style Maggie!
    Everything looks CUTE on you!
    Haven’t forgotten about the VLOG~please forgive.
    Hugs and LOVE from Bainbridge Island!

    • 9


      oh friend — i’ve missed you a bit! i’ve been on your blog for the past twenty minutes and i kid you not i have LAUGHED out loud multiple times. i adore you and your bright, sweet personality. i read about your pink lipstick and how you know it’s your coffee cup and not greg’s because of the pink lipstick. i read about your volume velcro rollers and how you almost smacked the nurse at the doctor’s office when she whispered your weight while writing it down on the chart. SERIOUSLY, laughed out loud :) you’re so amazing. i hope you’re doing wonderfully! xoxoxoxoxo + xo from bauer ;D

  5. 10


    So I tried on engagement rings last weekend [don’t you love how I tried to say that all casual and cool ;] and I’m so glad I did. I *thought* I knew what I wanted but ended up walking out with two favorites. I just realized one of the two was a halo that looks similar to yours (ish). Perhaps we have a similar style?

  6. 13


    I love your style! I think I need to go shopping…in your closet! ;)
    Comfort is so important. I’ve noticed that if I’m not comfy, I usually end up changing!

  7. 14

    GiGi says

    I love your style–and your blog! :) I know this is an old post, but I was wondering, what color is that darker blue nail polish? It’s so pretty, and such a fun color for spring/summer.


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