{my favorite thing: a trip to the hair salon}

On Thursday morning I woke up to the rain drizzling outside. It was a little bit cool ~ the perfect cool temperature that makes you want to sit inside with a blanket and watch the rain come down a dozen drops at a time. I slowly sipped my morning coffee + got dressed, then caught a glimpse of this view out our bedroom {above} before I headed to the hair salon. Even though it was raining I was super excited: I was getting my hair cut, something I look forward to every other month. Rachel is the best — she’s been cutting my hair for about 18 months. She KNOWS curly hair {and how to cut it} and I love that.

But poor Rachel… One visit I tell her I’m growing my hair out, including my bangs. The next visit I tell her to chop it off. Then I come in as a brunette! Then I tell her I miss my blonde curls {tear!}. But this time I came in and said, “I know last time I said I want to wear my hair straight BUT PLEASE cut my hair so it can be styled curly!” I bet she’s been waiting for me to come back around… hah! With summer coming I want to have no-fuss hair, so that means the bangs will continue to grow out and I won’t be straightening my hair as often. Embrace natural beauty, right?!

So on Thursday, I went to my hair appointment and then left the salon feeling sooo super happy to have my curls back {see above}. Rachel used my three favorite Aveda products {I list them below} and my curls held allll day. And the rainier + more humid it got outside the loopier my curls got. Of all the hair products I’ve ever used, something cream-based works the best on me. Mousse and spray gels make my hair look too stringy and crunchy. Creams add texture and hold — perfection!

Going to the hair salon makes me feel so pretty. It’s one of my very favorite things to do because I leave feeling comfortable with my beauty. Sometimes a little hair maintenance is all we need to feel like our best self. And, I’m working with what comes natural to me instead of the opposite {like straightening my hair, hehe!}.

Here’s how I style my hair {similar to this video but just a tad different now}: Shampoo + condition in the shower. Comb hair with a wide tooth comb prior to rinsing the conditioner out. Rinse conditioner. Blot hair with a towel and finger comb hair, tossel. Twirl hair to form curls and tossel hair once more. Let air dry for a couple minutes, then apply Phomollient to roots. Tossel again. Apply a quarter-size dollop of Be Curly to hair. Gently scrunch + twirl hair, continue to define curls. Dry bangs. Apply a nickel-size dollop of Defining Whip to roots + ends of hair, mixing into the rest of my hair. Dry hair with diffuser following this method. Hellooo, crazy hair! Finger comb curls so they lay where they should, fix bangs so they lay pretty ;) Lightly spray with hairspray and voila! all done.

This hair dryer + diffuser, Aveda Be Curly, Aveda Phomollient and Aveda Defining Whip. Don’t forget a wide-tooth comb + hairspray!

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      I think the reason I like to to straighten my hair is so I can run my fingers through it throughout the day. It’s such a different feel… Thank you for the sweet comment!!! :)

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    Nadir@StitchSense says

    Soooo cute! I need to try some new hair products. I have VERY curly hair & love ot wear it straight most of the time but like you, in the summer, it needs to be no fuss. I’ve been using the same products/methods for styling my curly hair though for YEARS. I really need to change it up. Thanks for the tips & inspiration!

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    BEAUTIFUL! It looks awesome! I love aveda products. They smell so yummy! I get my hair done this weekend! It’ll be 11 weeks….I think I’m having withdrawls!!!!! Can’t wait!

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        Probably just tiny trim…the back needs to be shaped up from my pixie grow out…and then the same color, just touch up on the roots. This last time she did low lights and surprisingly the grow out has not been to dramatic. My sister said to not even touch the color- it’s sort of a natural ombre…but I”m DYING! HA! 11 weeks. Seriously! This might be some sort of record! To say I’m excited about my 2 hours at the salon would be an UNDERSTATMENT!!!!!


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    Sommer says

    How do you dry your hair according to the small things tutorial if you’re using a diffuser and going for curls? It seems Kate’s tutorial is for achieving straight results. Do tell!

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      I follow which direction she says to blow dry your hair ~ so I keep the flow of air going with the direction of my hair growing (near my roots), instead of aiming the flow of air at the ends of my hair :)

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        Sommer says

        Ah! Yes, that makes SUCH a huge difference! As a fellow curly/wavy girl I know how much of difference even the smallest things can make in the look of your hair.

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    Shelly Hanson says

    I am super excited for my hair appointment tomorrow! Planning on chopping several inches off and going blonde. It has been over a year that I have had brown hair and miss the blonde. Cannot wait!

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      ahhh, thank you Kate!!! i had strayed from my beloved Aveda products but wasn’t totally happy with my curls, now that i’m using them again i’m loving them!!! you’re so great at encouraging me!!! thank you!!! :)

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    I loooove my curls! I also have found that creamy products work the best for me, and also airdrying. We’re pretty humid in Houston, so I towl dry, scrunch with cream-gel mixed with water, and let air dry. That gives me bouncy, soft curls every time!

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    Welcome back Maggie’s curls! I feel like such a blog stalker but when looking at the pics from Nester weekend, I missed seeing your sassy curls. What was missing was…. you blended in. Seriously, who am I to say this? I don’t even know you but you seem to have a really fun, honest personality and your curls just seem “you”. That doesn’t mean don’t straighten every now and then.
    Last year I paid a TON O MONEY to have my hair straightened. I absolutely loved it. I have thick, coarse, red hair. It was the dreamiest summer. What did I hate? It would NOT curl for months and months. Just hang straight. Just what I always wanted. While it was refreshing to just wash and go for the first time in my life, I really missed my curls. Almost a year later and they are back. Mine aren’t as defined and fun as yours but at least I have options.

    Totally rambling on your blog. Sorry about that. Welcome back curls!

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    Corinne says

    I got my hair done yesterday too! I have been growing my hair out for over two years but I did get long thick bangs cut it. …wonder who I got that idea from! I also dyed my hair but it is just a little darker than my natural hair color and a bit more red as well!

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    I have used the SAME product for 23 years, and I’m (only) 35! It has changed scent, names, etc… but it’s always been a “glaze”. Vavoom is the one I started with but also found that Biolage sells the same thing (and I can grab it at Wal-Mart or Target which is a bonus). I’ve ditched the wide toothed comb. I stopped dreaming of anyone running fingers through my hair, myself included, and come to terms with the fact that my hair is curly. Why fight it? (Especially in the midwest where it is so humid!) Though I have to say, you’re causing me to consider that I may want to try something new. Hmmm… we’ll see. Old habits die hard, you know.

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      haha, girl — you have to try Aveda!!! i think you can return the product if you don’t like it, maybe check with your salon to see if that’s the case?? try it for a whole week, you’ll probably love it :)

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