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smoochin’ on my sewing machine

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so i feel a bit silly writing this, but moving along on the “let’s be more real with each other” blog post wagon… here’s another real-life confession: I AM TIRED! all the time. exhausted. i feel like i’m running at only like 37% and i can’t figure it out. ha ha, it could be that i’ve got a dozen things on my plate now instead of just a few things. perhaps that’s it? probs. it could be that bauer’s been really naughty lately ~ which is exhausting me. he pulls papers out of my desk trash non-stop, chewing on his crate blanket {that’s a no no!}, doesn’t listen when we call him to come inside. we go on walks nearly every day and i’m not sure if you’ve seen my instagram feed?, but the pup definitely gets a lot of attention.

i was gone for about 6 days a couple weeks ago and i don’t think i’ve bounced back since coming home. also, on friday i fly to the nester’s house to spend the weekend with my girls. i’m pumped! so that reminds me: i need to find my energy before friday.

here’s what my schedule looks like right now: sewing, blogging, general biz management, project plan with cambria, fabric shop, scheduling more time to meet with friends, walk + play with bauer, family time {zack + alyssa [our cuz lives with us, yay!]}, cook dinner, sleep. prepare for tanzania.

not too crazy, right?

do you have any tips on how to get my energy back? long-term, healthy tips. not just “drink a mountain dew”. that would be tasty but i don’t think that is a good solution, drats! i know i haven’t been that into eating breakfast which probably plays a large role. so if you have a tip or three, leave it below! i’d love to hear from you ♥

PS. no “maybe you’re pregnant!” comments. i’m not, but that sure would be fun!

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