{random bits from our weekend + an upcoming trip}

antique pretties from city salvage, minneapolis

happy sunday, friends! i hope you’ve had a great + busy weekend. friday was zack’s birthday, the big #27, so we celebrated with his parents coming from michigan. zack took the day off work and we enjoyed an extra-long weekend, a rarity around here! ;] we’ve spent our time together cooking meals at the house, eating cupcakes + pie, playing video games {zack}, watching downton abbey {the girls} and of course snoozin’, morning coffee and a long walk around our neighborhood with bauer. on saturday we snuck away to city salvage — i knew my mother-in-law would love it but i think everyone enjoyed the fun shop… win!

i have not felt well these last few days and a few times a day i stop to pray that it ends quickly. we have a super busy week coming up with blissdom happening. i fly out to nashville wednesday morning and in the meantime i have a few things to finish for the handmade market. yeow! if you’re around please come by and say hellooooo!!! i’ll be packing my suitcase before i know it and stepping on a plane. any prayers you can send my way for that feat would be great ♥

such a sunny, beautiful day here in minneapolis… wishing you the same kind of day wherever you are, too! xoxo

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      oh, that’s so fun!

      here are a few more of my favorite places in Minneapolis: Patisserie 46 {coffee + cafe}, Patina {gift shop}, Sebastian Joe’s {ice-cream}, Buca Di Beppo {italian restaurant downtown} ♥

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    Elizabeth says

    Praying for you Maggie!! For you to feel God’s peace and comfort when you fly as well as feel better soon! If you could, please pray for me as well! I bruised my tailbone and haven’t been able to sit for 2 weeks! Yes that means im atucj at home and cant drive! Im going stir crazy!! Thank goodness im a stay at home mom since i cant drive! I’ve been laying in pain and it’s so frustrating! Thankfully my husband has been amazing and has helped with the house and laundry…even cooking!! But I’m over this! Thanks Maggie!! Take care!

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    Oh, thank you!! We were actually at the Old Spaghetti Factory a few months ago and I told my husband that there was this ice cream shop that you went to and love…but of course I couldn’t remember the name! It was Sebastian Joe’s– thanks :)

    AND…we are huge Buca Di Beppo fans, too!

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    I’m starting to prepare for Blissdom also! I have a pile of clothes in my room that needs to be dwindled down, honestly I don’t need 10 outfits for 3 days, even if I changed 3 times a day. I am probably equally excited and nervous for my first one! I feel better knowing my roomie I have yet to meet is picking me up at the airport. I think it will help me feel less nervous. I have some movies downloaded onto my ipod to help keep me calm on the plane-I recommend this. It’s worked best for me so far. Good luck with your final pre-travel lists and I can’t wait to meet you soon!

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    Maggie, hope you feel better doll. But I’m sure with all the buzz going around you soon, you won’t have to worry whether you’re feeling a little down or not ;) Have fun doll.


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