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Helloooooooo there! Welcome to the Inspiration Workshop!, a monthly linky party where we share our take on the scheduled prompt. This month we’re chatting about ORGANIZATION, which makes me crazy excited!!! I can’t wait to see what you come up with :] Wanna join us? See the end of this post for instructions on how to link up with us + how to receive our monthly newsletter.

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This month’s prompt has me all crazy excited because there are so many easy, fun, colorful ways to stay organized. Without a lot of hassle, might I add! I’m going to steer my focus on the craft room because, well, that is what catches my attention the quickest. COLOR is one of my favorite “accessories” and everything I’ve found for this post is just bursting with it… it’s so fun!

Some might say to save the best for last, I say SHOW ME THE BEST FIRST! Whenever I have the chance to peek into a craft room I take it! So let’s start with this gorgeous space… Isn’t it lovely?! Tell me you agree! {If you disagree, lie to me and say you agree, hah!} The three separate work spaces, the hidden drawers, the cubbies up above, the rolling chairs {with pockets on the backside?!}, the giant built-in bookshelf to the left, and of course the large floorspace for larger projects. Such a dream room! I’m drawn to the white base and the pops of color. I think this room is set up to be a homeschool room, but I love it even more for a craft room ;]


Cutest pink baskets on the wall, perfect for larger fabric scraps, holding patterns… or just being cute!

the lovely cupboard

Glass jars are truly one of my favorite ways to stay organized. We use a few in the studio + packaging room, for empty spools of thread and storing ribbon. I LOVE them, and how easy it is to see inside. And that I can seriously toss something in but because it’s organized by material type it doesn’t look organized. But it is. Don’t let it fool you… It’s unorganizedly organized.

inspire co.

Alternatively titled: The perfect packaging station assistant ;]


Old wooden crates, such a fantastic fabric bolt storage solution. And don’t worry, if your fabric stash runs out you can always go buy more! tee hehe…


Hold me. Do you know how many things I could store in here? Oh, let me make a quick list for you. Needles, for hand + machine sewing. Thread. Bobbins. Scissors. Machine feet. Binding. Gussy tags. Extra pins. More thread. More needles. Buttons. A measuring tape. And then the rest of the drawers would be for my chocolate collection ;] My gooooodness! this makes me want to search out an antique store just to find one yesterday! So lovely!!! If you have one of these babies I’m totally jealous.

apartment therapy

And lastly, inspiration boards are seriously one of my favorite things. I love them for inside the studio and near my desk. But, don’t let me fool you… I forget to update it as the seasons change and I’m so good at saying I will today but then an entire monthly passes me by… and it still sits unchanged. Maybe that’s a bad thing? I like to see it as a good thing :]

smile & wave

Want even MORE organizational tips? Follow my Craft Room Organization board on Pinterest!

SHARE WITH US: What organizational tip do you secretly keep? What do you rely on often to keep your workspace or home clean? Or, does the word “organized” make you laugh?! –wink!

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This week’s Inspiration Workshop! prompt is ORGANIZATION!
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  1. 1


    I was up early…baby’s convinced the best parties happen early early in the morning ;-) LOVE the cabinet with all the tiny drawers in the second to last photo..me oh my, the things I could organize….

  2. 2


    I totally know what you mean! I see so many people who get whole rooms to keep all their stuff and it always looks amazing and neat… I mean really neat with crafts? Sounds almost too good to be true, either way I am super jealous! ; P

    • 3


      no way, not too good to be true!!! if you clean up every time you’re done working, and once a week clean, it can totally look that clean all the time ;D promise!

  3. 4


    I love organized spaces! I think I said this in comments before but clutter makes me feel flustered/crazy when I’m trying to work. Here are a few things I’ve started doing (since starting my Happiness Project and focusing on organiztion) that really help:
    15 minute clean up – at the end of the day I take 15 minutes to put away everything that is sitting on my desk, dresser, counters, etc. I hate leaving things out!
    Have a designated place for everything – otherwise I end up with “organized piles” of paper, books, bills etc that I never go through until something is lost :(
    the 1 minute rule – if it takes less than a minute to clean up or put away I do it when I notice it (this is how I keep the end of the day clean up to 15 minutes)
    Drawers- I’ve got a TON of yarn that I use to make the projects in my Etsy shop, so they get organized in drawers by color with one small drawer dedicated to “leftovers” tiny bits of yarn that I can use for stitching things together, embrodier etc but not the body of a project.

    I can’t wait to see everyone else’s tips!

  4. 6


    I LOVE those library card filing cabinets. I can’t even imagine the gloriousness of organizing one of those! :) And that first space you posted, with the 3 desk spaces… I can’t even…

    I just keep going back and looking and soaking up all of the amazing details. Perfection!

  5. 11


    Hi Maggie,
    This is my first time to the party…
    Thank you for hosting & I wanted to share with you my makeover of my sewing studio/office…
    I follow you on Facebook…nice to meet you!
    Have a great day today!
    All the Best,

  6. 12


    LOVE the first space. I would totally put my sewing machine in front of one of those windows. Wouldn’t that be great for a couple of sewing machines and even a computer? Now I just need to find a house with three windows. Hah!

  7. 14


    Beautiful room. But I don’t see evidence of a sewing machine or ironing board there. You have inspired me, but I don’t think my working sewing room will ever look that perfect!


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