{how a filing cabinet is changing the course of my biz…}

sometimes the easiest way to follow through with a new idea is to simply follow through! just the act of starting it can make nearly everything else fall into place.

there are some tasks that i know would be super great for my business if i could just follow through with them, but there are many times where “following through” is where i constantly mess up… it’s terrible! if i could just accomplish it, make it happen, check that baby OFF my list (!) i’d be 99% done with that task. but getting there, that’s the hard part {unfortunately}. do you feel the same way?! ever?

for months i’ve talked about getting a filing cabinet for Gussy Sews. we have one for our family stuff, and now that Gussy Sews, LLC has been in biz for almost 2 years now ~ it’s time. actually, it was time months ago {hangs head in shame}.

2012 is going to THE YEAR for taking action. i feel like i’m finally accomplishing those “difficult” tasks and even though it’s only february it’s got me on fire. say it with me, yeow!

to be honest, i was feeling really pathetic mentioning so often, if only i had a filing cabinet, then ____ would be better! looks like i took care of that “issue”; there’s nothing holding me back now ;D

having a filing cabinet is changing the course of my business. following up on a for-sale ad on a used filing cabinet has made so many trouble areas disappear. taking action is like the “mr. clean” for your business. i love it!

having a home business is tricky. if you have one i applaud you!!! my husband and i are constantly having “Gussy Meetings” to formulate new plans and talk about new ideas. but there’s a lot more paperwork and supplies needed, way more that i ever thought. now that my office has moved to the living room it’s even more important to stay organized so the business can stay on the path that’s right for me.

sounds simple, but the impact following through has is huge.

i’ve decided to keep the file folders i use DAILY on a simple file rack on top of my desk, along with my new idea + organizational book and the printer. other things you’ll find: a cute pen cup, a stack of sticky notes and in-use sticky notes.

everything else goes in the filing cabinet: my dSLR, envelopes, more sticky notes, paper clips + other basic office supplies, along with nearly two dozen file folders organizing sales, projects, tax information and the like. i can quickly find what i need and even more hide it again, all while staying organized. it’s changing my life!

call me a dork, but i’m super excited :]

what one thing that you’re waiting to start is holding up progress in other areas?

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    We can definitely be DORKS together girl! I have a filing cabinet (you can see the makeover of it here: http://www.neatheringourfest.com/2011/02/before-and-after-filing-cabinet.html) and it lives beside my desk. Since my husband is a pastor and I both work full time and run a business at home (you know how THAT goes) I have to stay on top of paperwork or it will take over! We save EVERY single receipt and it has a very special place it all goes. It keeps me sane! Tell me about the stand you have your computer on. That is interesting! :) Happy Monday!

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    I’ve been focusing on improving my follow through for a month and I’m still struggling over a few tasks like turning in my LLC papers for Buttonwood Cottage. I don’t know what it is about government forms (like tax documents and LLC paperwork) but I always feel they’re written in a different language and if I answer a question wrong I’m going to wind up in jail. So…I’ve been procrastinating.

    So my goal is to turn those papers in by the end of the week. No, even better – by Wednesday!

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    You are not a dork you are a smart and sassy business woman. I’m the dork, I’m currently hoarding office supplies in an old dresser! Haha!! I’m off to find my own file cabinet.
    Happy Monday,

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    I think filing cabinets are amazing. I’ve really got to get my hands on one. My accordion file is stuffed to the gills right now!

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    I use a small desk as my filing cabinet. I had a plan to store it in our upstairs hall (we are tight on space with our two little chicks) without it looking like a desk/storage solution. I put a covering on it and have pictures and a framed mirror propped on top. It’s easy to lift the skirt/cover to get to the filing drawers below whenever I need to, but also keeps it out of sight. I continue to admire how it came together… which is a good thing. On a random/side note, I love that you mention keeping up with tax documents… I can’t tell you how many times in my day-to-day life I come across women who have “a home business” and balk at the idea of doing taxes for it… duh!

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      even if i only organize papers weekly or monthly it’s still super easy, especially for tax season. gahhhhhh, i couldn’t imagine my life right now if i didn’t have these papers filed correctly. scares me to just think about it ;)

      our family filing cabinet is set up similarly to yours… so fun! xoxo

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    I so know what you mean! You are dead on when you talk about just needing to “follow through” on new things to grow your business; it’s so hard to change our ways, even though we know it will be beneficial. I have organizational folders galore, and a filing cabinet for business is probably next on the list. My biggest hiccup is getting organized on the computer… if I could just get a process down for backing up and organizing files… sigh. maybe one day!

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    I hope that filing cabinet makes things a bit easier for you! I really need to find a way to organize my yarn stash. It’s currently sitting in several plastic bags piled next to the couch! I’m going to try tackling that task this week. We’ll see if it actually happens though! Haha!

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    I love filing cabinets! Yours looks great! I was really lucky, this year Hubby bought me a nice big filing cabinet for Christmas, it was the best gift! I was shocked to learn that my hubby even got it to the house on his own and into the basement on his own (I’m surprised he didn’t kill himself) so he could hide it from me until Christmas morning. I had been hoping and wishing for a filing cabenit for years…yes years and just kept putting it on the back burning with excuses like I can’t get to the store during their business hours, we don’t have it in our budget …etc I guess hubby was listening :-) It has totally changed my life and if that’s the case I’m a dork too.

  9. 19


    ahhh you are inspiring. YES organization and following through are so key to success in any endeavor! Definitely the easiest to not do tho. I mean seriously. I feel like I get 100 great ideas for every 1 follow-through!!

  10. 23


    Can’t seem to comment. I will give it one more try! (this is the 4th or 5th!) That is how much I like this post and you for your words of inspiration! Thanks!

    I love your call to action and I am trying to implement this in my own life one day at a time. When my gut says, get off the couch and paint that wall(we are putting our house on the market!) then I get up and do at least a part, even if I only have one hour to do it. That is the only way I will get there. One little step at a time!

    Love your blog, visit it every day!


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