{a closer look // detailed photos of our *new* Glam Totes}

last week we introduced our newest Gussy item, the Glam Tote, and today i thought it would be fun to share a few more detail photos on this new bag. my idea behind this item was to create a slim-style tote that holds a lot more than you think it can at first glance. we also designed it using three super fun, never-before-used tweed fabrics. and they’re LOVELY, i tell you!

here are a few changes we made to our tote:
+ a slimming, vertical bag orientation was designed
+ 1 bottom-rounded pocket on the inside, measuring 7″ x 7″
+ a 2.5″ gusset {aka: bag thickness, to help it “sit” flat} for all your essentials
+ ruching/cinching of the shoulder straps {darling!}
+ angled ruffle design, to match the full Gussy collection

^ ruched/cinched shoulder straps

^ …but don’t let the slim size fool you! our Glam Totes can easily hold your daily essentials {wallet, keys, scarf, idea book, zipped pouch} and a macbook 13″ pro. oh yes, yes they can :]

jet black glam tote

^ new, tweed fabrics

apple glam tote

^ large, inside pocket

^ see the gusset up there? this adds a 2.5″ width to the inside of the bag, it also helps it sit flat

raspberry glam tote

YEOW! we are soooo happy with how our Glam Totes turned out! they are so lovely, slim, solid {extra reinforcement stitching is hidden on the inside} — truly beautiful.

along with all of the items inside the Gussy shop, this new item is limited in quantity. we love the idea of giving our customers exclusive products, for a more “one-of-a-kind” feel. if you see something you love, snag it while it’s still available…

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    They are SO adorable ;) Love them :) Question…will you be introducing your regular totes back? I loved the Market Tote and wanted to know if it was returning. And will it have the “old” ruffle or are you going in a different ruffly direction? ;)


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