{10 silly things on my mind – wink!}

nutella pear tart, via the lovely cupboard

i thought it would be fun to share 10 silly things that are on my mind ~ to take a little break from the normal business-y thoughts/ideas/prompts that are consistently on my mind and focus on some more personal things :] i hope you had a lovely weekend and are ready for a new week to begin!

* all weekend i’ve been confused on what day it actually is. i guess that’s what happens when zack takes a day off of work. but… i kinda like it! more time with my hubby is always a good thing. tee hehe.

* as i write this i’m sitting on the couch, looking at an oversized mirror that leans against the living room wall, and do you know what i see? little smears left by the wet nose of a little doggie that lives here, who looks at his reflection in the mirror [often]… hah! someone really should clear that off…

* so that “not feeling well” i mentioned yesterday?! it’s given me the best man voice ever. i think zack may be a wee jealous. it’s pretty raspy + crackly + deep ;]

* raisin brain crunch = the best cereal, ever!

* it’s february 20th and minneapolis still hasn’t seen a “normal” winter. in fact, the high for today is 44º. feels so strange! but… it makes me a little nervous, will winter ever come? don’t throw a snowball at me, but i’m secretly hoping it does!

* this blog is amazing, such lovely photography + content. you must check out heather’s blog!!!

* and this video on how to look like ryan gosling? hilarious.

* sometimes when i’m home alone {OK, every time} i like to hide when the doorbell rings. and then when bauer barks, i get really grumpy at him and rush over to hush him. and then the doorbell rings again and i get nervous that they can see me hiding on the inside. and/or giggling. and then they leave and i carry on. except one time recently i had a friend over and the doorbell rang, and i forgot she was over, and she totally caught me running off to hide. HA HA… busted ;]

* mascara is my favorite, favorite, favorite. give me a fat mascara wand + a jet black shade and i’m a happy gus. {currently loving this mascara!}

* zack and i started dating about 8 years ago… ♥ college sweethearts ♥

OK, your turn! share a few fun things with me below in the comments??? wishing you a happy monday! xo

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  1. 1


    Hahaha I totally do the same thing when I’m home by myself! & my dog gets so angry when anybody comes to the door. It’s so silly to try to make them be quiet – I’m just glad he sounds even bigger than he is!

  2. 2


    I don’t know, I think Golden Grahams might be the best cereal ever. :-) I like to hide when the doorbell rings too, so funny to think other people do that, I thought it was just me!

  3. 4

    Nadir@StitchSense says

    Haha! The doorbell thing is funny, poor Bauer, he probably thinks its someone at the door to play with him. :-) I’ve been loving Special K with strawberries cereal lately :-) Hope you had a great weekend!

  4. 6


    My random weekend… I’ve spent my weekend at a swim meet for 2 of my littles and when we have come home I’ve been practicing my backflip on the trampoline. I need a video because it’s comical and no, I haven’t made it around yet. Here’s hoping I make it before breaking my neck.
    And Heather’s blog is stunning. I couldn’t agree more.

  5. 7


    This is so cute! I just was talking to my husband about hiding when the doorbell rings. I hate answering the door when I am home alone! Glad I am not the only hiding around here! I am sure I look pretty ridiculous. So funny about your friend being over!

    My husband and I have also been together for seven years, married for two! :)

    Have a lovely day guss!

  6. 10

    Windy says

    I *totally* get a man voice when I’m sick, too! I’d like to say it’s a sexy Lauren Bacall voice, but it’s sooo not. It’s a dude voice. Hope you’re feeling better! Sounds like you had a great weekend anyway!

  7. 12


    I always hide when the doorbell rings or someone knocks on the door!! And my dog always barks! Which I don’t mind because I am hoping that says to the ringer/knocker – “Go Away! I’m big and loud!” Unless I am expecting the UPS/FedEx man, then I’m looking outside every 5 minutes so that he/she doesn’t scare me/puppy when they come to the door! haha!

  8. 13


    I hide too. A few weeks ago I was painting the front living room. I spotted a guy going door to door looking at roofs and I ran and hid. I wonder if he saw the paint pan in the foyer with the couch and ladder.

    Have u ever been to Pentwater. Drive thru Grand Rapids yesterday. Any sites or places to eat that u recommend. Driving back thru tomorrow.

  9. 15


    Oh man – I hate answering the door. Good to know everyone else hides too. So funny. Somthing fun: On Saturday my hubby and I took a drive out to a place called Dairy, Oregon. Not a whole lot there – I’m just going to say – lots of cows. But we stopped at the cutest dinner, sat at the counter, had our drinks served in mason jars and had the best hamburgers ever. I think I’m going to go visit those cows again on Saturday. :-) So fun.

  10. 17


    i have to admit I never have to answer the door because our doorbell NEVER rings….. well, except for when the UPS or Fedex guy drops off a package and they both leave before ANYONE could even think of opening the door. (we live in the country) i’m feeling a bit blah as our eldest just turned 18 (friday) & is joining the USMC. He is excited, I’m not but I’m supportive. i turn 47 in 2 days but we aren’t celebrating cause we can’t seem to coordinate everyone’s schedule. oh well… but we had the most DIVINE cake for the eldest! its a vegan chocolate cake on my blog. i’m going shopping for new bowls! we are down to 3 cereal bowls… kids is all i have to say.. :)

  11. 18


    i totally hide when the door bell rings. i shush our boys and bribe them with a snack.
    i like my space to myself.
    if they need me, they’ll call me. but. uh. when i don’t answer the phone- then, they’ll email me.
    really. it’s not hard to get in touch with me, if you email me first! [complete introvert]
    my husband has been on post-deployment leave for the past few weeks. it’s been great reconnecting and enjoying our family. but. i’d be lying if i didn’t say i feel a wee bit of relief knowing that he goes back to work on wednesday. he got home, and immediately took leave- and i’m ready for us to find a normal routine again… “vacation” is great. but, i’m ready for the real life deployment rips from us.
    and i love a good mascara, too! and eye liner. if i had to choose only 3 makeup products, i’d choose lipstick, moisturizer, and a deep charcoal gray eye liner.

  12. 19


    hi friend! love your random thoughts! I hide from the doorbell too! Our old house had a HUGE bay window and I’m sure ppl caught me hiding… haha, oh well! New house is much much better at letting me hid :-P AND being able to spy and see who it is! (I just have to keep the kids quiet!) My husband and I were college sweethearts too! -this was our 13th Valentines day together. Which makes me old, right. :-/ Today’s my bday -but I think this year has good things in store! (I’m also hoping REAL winter shows up soon!)

  13. 20


    Oh my gosh…I bust out laughing at the doorbell hiding! I totally hide from the doorbell too! Glad to see I’m not alone. ;)
    Aww, I’m HS sweethearts with my hubby.
    And, ironically, I’m pretty sure I’m the only gal in the world who doesn’t like mascara. I know! I do adore a good eye-liner though. And lipstick/gloss. Even if it’s a no “make-up” day, you’ll most likely find me still wearing lip gloss. That is, unless it’s all come off from kissing my littles on the head so much! ;)
    And in Texas, well…what winter?! I’m just hoping we don’t have 105 degrees too soon!

  14. 22


    first…fruity pebbles are the best
    second…i love to scare my husband while he’s in the shower, i get him every.single.time.
    and third…im an earrings girl…never leave home without them (even if you’re in labor, you must make the hubs turn around)

  15. 24

    MaryBeth says

    I totally do the same thing when the doorbell rings. I must do it a little too often because now my kids do it. The door bell goes “ding dong” and the kids mute the TV and slouch down in their chairs and stay totally still and quiet. I’m chuckling just thinking about it. I just bought the same mascara – its great and I’m angry I didn’t stick with it. I got sucked in by flashy advertising and paid $25 for the one I’m using now and it’s total crap. I didn’t get the length and volume it promised, but I’m using it until its gone. When will I Iearn??

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