{re-working an old organization idea // finding inspiration from A Beautiful Mess.}

over a year ago i wrote this post, sharing how i stay more organized. the longer i blog and develop my own style {and how new ideas are formed} the more i realized i’m not even using this folder anymore. in fact, i had moved on to 2 other ways of idea-keeping, and i wasn’t using those EITHER!

then i read elsie’s post on organizing inspiration and *click* the bulb went on. my macbook is constantly scattered with post-its, as is my desk and wallet. they’re everywhere and seem to be the best way for me to track my ideas. i’m super excited to implement a few tips from elsie with what i already have been doing to create my own {better than ever!} idea book. yeow! i love that elsie uses sticky notes to track her ideas {cuz yup, i do that too}… i’m constantly nodding in agreement as i read her blog ~ seems like we have similar thought patterns ~ which makes me think that perhaps THIS will be the answer to my organized ways. i’m going to add a few more things to my book and i’ll share it here soon!

i was so excited about re-working this old idea that i started working on it last night ♥. and then i thought, some times the best way to stay organized and on top of things is to take a break from the norm and get started right away.

one reason why my original Gussy folder didn’t work was because i didn’t try hard enough. i also was using a method that didn’t go with the flow. instead of using this folder i found myself going back to my old ways {which weren’t even helpful!}. a beautiful mess is one of my favorite blogs ~ i’ve combined one of elsie’s recent posts with a recent conversation with the Nester and viola! i think i’ve figured it out ;]

PS. tomorrow starts the Inspiration Workshop! — the prompt is bedrooms. see you then?!

SHARE WITH US: do you feel organized with the ideas you produce? what are some of your favorite blogging tips? who inspires you?

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    I have to keep my ideas organized or else I truly don’t feel productive. I like knowing where I stand with all of my ideas and the progress I’m making as I go along.

    Also, I’ve learned that when I have an idea for something new and the momentum to go with it? I NEED to. I need to go with the new flow and just take a break from what I’ve been doing to go with the new one for a while. It helps keep me inspired and ready to work.

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    Elsie has such a beautiful blog and I’m glad I stumbled across it! I have always read that the absolute key to getting + staying organized is to use a system that works for you! Just because a book or bulletin board works for someone else doesn’t mean it will work for you. Post it note it UP girl!! :)

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    I use the post-it note idea but have a picture frame above my work space to keep them all. That way, as I’m working, I can glance over them daily. I placed a piece of fabric where you would normally put a picture. I feel like this gives them a place without cluttering my other work spaces.

    I feel like as life has gotten more “busy” the more I need to write stuff down. (or maybe it is just part of getting older…haha)

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    Oh my gosh, the post it post! I actually read that post back when she posted it and last week just started trying to use a similar method. I have a giant cork board in my studio so I just pin up cut pieces of paper under the “To Do” section and when I’m done, I move them to the right under the “DONE!” section. We’ll see if I can stick to it.

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      i also love the idea of having a little book/journal to carry with me at all times, especially when we drive home to michigan — some of my best ideas come from sitting in the car with my hubby :) so having it be travel-friendly is a must!

      thanks for your comment ;)

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        The book/journal idea is great! My problem is I have like 4 spiral notebooks floating around in purses and different rooms of the house so I write stuff down in so many different places. I need to consolidate. A lot.

        I also just want to say your blog is great! I’ve had the entrepreneur bug since I was in high school (I even had a subscription to Entrepreneur magazine, how weird am I?) and your blog has so many great posts of business AND creativity. I love it :)

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          yeah — i’m a creature of doing things the wrong or ridiculous way, so i hear ya on the 4 notebooks floating around… hah! ;D

          and oh my goodness, you’re so sweet! THANK YOU for sharing that!!!!! thank you, thank you!

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    There is a vintage punsichion almost exactly like the crocheted one from your grandmother that is at my mom’s home. My mother is in a nursing home now and as soon as my Dad is ready to part with some of her things, the punsichion will be coming home with me. I feel certain that either my grandmother or my mother’s late sister made this precious item from the history of the women in my family.

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