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Sharon of Shaggy Baggy is guest posting here today with her experience selling wares at various craft shows. Sharon and I first met through a meet-up or blog event or craft show, it’s hard to remember since we see each other around Minneapolis every few months ;] Naturally I thought she would be a great resource for today’s post — selling your wares at a craft show. ENJOY!

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I am thrilled to be sharing this post with the Gussy Sews community. Welcome!

I have just finished a busy 3 months of holiday craft sales, boutiques and art shows. My season began in September at The Creative Connection Event.  I sewed like crazy to re-build my inventory in October and had two sales in October and a sale every weekend  in November. This has been my second year of holiday craft sales. Here are a few things I have learned:

1. Choosing a venue. Big investment doesn’t always result in big sales. Of the nine sales I participated in throughout 2011 the best organized, run and attended was done by volunteers of a local school PTA. Being a member of my local ETSY street team has been a great help in finding local sale opportunities. I also make the effort to connect with at least one person from this team at each sale I participate in. Living in the metro area of Minneapolis/St. Paul gives me lots of choices. Festivalnet.com is good online source as well as just doing a google search for sales in your area.

2. Tracking your expenses. This goes beyond participation fees. Things to consider: Display costs – keep these to a minimum if you are just starting out. Keep it simple at first, this will let you figure out what works and what doesn’t. How much time goes into to getting ready for a sale (tagging items, packing, transportation) as well as your time spent at the sale. Will you go alone or have help {and will you pay for this help}?

3. Stay positive. Often a slow craft show has resulted in future online sales or a great connection with a local shop for wholesale. This is also a great opportunity to meet other local artisans, and learn of other upcoming sales opportunities. Don’t show your frustration or join in a conservation with fellow vendors that may be disappointed with a sale. Be friendly, be proud of your work. Take advantage of this opportunity to show off your work and brag about your passion for your craft.

♥ Connect with Sharon on her blog | shop | twitter | facebook.

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SHARE WITH US: Have you participated in a local craft show? Are you new to the craft scene?  Are you a seasoned pro with years of experience? Have a question or tip to share? All comments are welcome!

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    I have a love/hate relationship with craft fairs/vendor events! I love meeting/talking to people and I am proud of what I make but I find them to be really hit or miss. Many of the shows I did this year, if I hadn’t told my existing customers about them, I would not have had one sale. :( I guess it’s all about finding the right shows/events for you/your products. The search continues! :) Great tips though! Thank you!

    • 4


      i’ve learned it’s all about the venue and the customers attending — NOT just about your wares, your prices, your booth display. if customers don’t understand handmade {and aren’t coming to shop} then it can be a total bust. which yes, is so frustrating — but i try and look at it as confirmation that it’s OK to only sell online.

      i don’t need to do 238 different things to feel successful with my business :]

      • 5


        I think that has been my problem! The customers at the fairs/shows I’ve done do not understand handmade. Super frustrating! I even had one lady pick up a wristlet and say “Wow this is so cute!” then looked at the price (which mind you was only $30, not like it said $300!) and says “Well I don’t love it THAT much.” STING!!!

        Thank you for confirming that it is OK to not try to do 238 different things with your business! I’m beginning to realize maybe I’m trying to do too much and just concentrate on what works best! Thanks Gussy!!! :) xoxo

  2. 10

    Nadir@StitchSense says

    I did two craft shows last year & both were great! One was at a local church & the other was at a high school.
    I hope to fill my spring & summer with more this year! I love craft shows, they’re so fun & such a great place to network, I love meeting other crafties at shows :-)

      • 12

        Nadir@StitchSense says

        The two I did were local but we live right smack in the middle of two HUGE metropolis areas. Washington DC & Richmond, VA. I’d love to be able to get to a show in one of those cities if I ever got enough inventory. The furthest I was going to travel for a show was a 45 min drive but it was shut down b/c of hurricane Irene last summer :-/

  3. 13


    I’m terrified of craft shows (as a vendor, attending is completely fun)! I tend to be a shy person – ok I am shy. At a party it is almost physically painful for me to initiate a conversation with someone I don’t know (or don’t know well). I’m afraid that because of my shyness I’d do horribly at a craft show. [This sounds too much like an excuse to me…]

    I think I’ll challenge myself to sign up for at least one (even if I don’t attend until next year, I know there is a lot of work involved) by the end of the year. I know it would be good for me and since I know it’s an area of weakness.

    Does anyone else have to deal with shyness at a craft shows? Any tips?

    • 14


      Hi! I tend to be shy when it comes to my craft shows/business…I know that is not a good thing… But I think because what I make is so personal to me (and I’m sure to you too) and (being that you are up til all hours putting things together with your two hands!) is the reason I am shy to talk about it! That is something I hope to overcome sooner rather than later. The thing I find that helps me at a craft shows/vendor events – is to bring someone with me! Particularly, my hubby-to-be because the man can strike up a convo with anyone at anyplace, so he is my icebreaker! Maybe you have someone like that that would tag along with you?? Obvi I don’t pay my spouse but if you were to ask a friend, maybe you could offer a small gift instead of having to pay them?

      • 15


        Michelle, it sounds like we have very similar men in our lives. I’m sure I’ll bring HB along to help me. And giving a friend a gift for their help is a great idea too!

          • 17


            LOVE this — such a great tip michelle, and thank you kasey for opening up. shyness is a huge thing to overcome. a lot of times i’ll see artisans bring little projects to work on — things that are simple and don’t require too much distraction. i also think that’s a great way to show customers your skill, live!

            bring a friend that’s good with people, that understands WHY you are there {to show off your wares, not to talk} and make friends with the vendors around you. xoxo

            • 18

              Nadir@StitchSense says

              Kasey, I was the SAME way & bringing hubby along was the only thing that kept me sane, smiling & laughing the whole show. It does get easier! Hubby was my lifesaver for sure at the shows I did, he’s a people person & loves to strike up convos with people, even if they don’t buy, they’re at least drawn to your table & may even take a card! :-)

    • 21


      Hi Amanda, glad these tips were helpful. I would guess it is nice to have a specific season when you do most of your sales during the year! good luck

  4. 23


    I haven’t participated in a craft show yet but I did do one home boutique before Christmas last year. I got several orders for signs but I didn’t sell a single sign that I took with me. But it at least let people know what I was doing and that I was creating something! :) A lot of people were surprised to even see me there!

    My plan is to attend at least two craft festivals this year. This is a great resource for planning to start on those!!

  5. 30


    Kasey, I am shy especially about talking about my handmade items. I don’t like to talk about myself etc. I organize the 2 crafts shows that I do and I bring a girlfriend, who has volunteered to run my table and she totally believes in my products and tells the people its made in michigan and made local and don’t go to china for this etc….. so needless to say, she sells a lot of my items.

  6. 31


    Thanks, this is great to read and I plan to read more of the blog posts. I too am more shy than outgoing, but at the few craft shows I’ve done I’ve tried to be more open and talkative with people, both customers and other vendors. It helps when you’re proud of your product and can talk about what you love. I have had some great helpers too who are happy to help and it’s great to get them talking about the product with different viewpoints and ideas as well. For example, my father-in-law was helping me and someone asked about my purse hangers. I went at it with the angle of keeping your purse off the floor, germs, etc. but he added in that his wife loves it for the security reasons that someone can’t walk away with her purse too easily. I sold all of the ones there that I had left!

    I have done a couple of church craft shows, and one in a high school that should have had good traffic but unfortunately the weather was a factor. I’m in the Minneapolis area and would love to find more shows to do throughout the year. Any ideas?

  7. 35


    MAKE SURE you get some business cards printed up so you look professional and hand them out to EVERYONE! Free (or really cheap) business cards from vistaprint.com

    I once had a trunk show at Nordstrom’s and didn’t sell ONE thing! I did hand out a bunch of cards though and one of those cards resulted in selling my jewelry to a shop in Alaska that catered to the cruise people. She has since closed but it was great for 3 years!

  8. 36


    +1 on the business cards. In addition to sales on the spot you are getting exposed to a lot of potential future customers. Definitely put a link to your website on your cards so people can see future designs. Vistaprint is constantly doing special offers and offering discounts. They have really good deals and fast shipping too.

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