{noteworthy links — crafts, indie biz, holiday DIY ebook}

* 10 reasons your freelance career is failing

* DIY – create your own bokeh

* 8 holiday tutorials & DIY projects {free download}

* reversible sewing machine cover

* 30 facebook conversation starters

* DIY – how to make a simple bow

…happy weekending!

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    Thanks for sharing! I totally pinned the sewing machine cover… My gal has been wearing the same white/pink tea towel as a cover for some time now and I think that after all of the hard work I put her through, the least I could do is make something pretty for her to wear… with her help of course… ;-)

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    Loved the last reason in the first article. Trying to be all things to all people just doesn’t work. I’ve had so many people since I’ve started this ask me to create so many specific designs. Thanks for the linky’s. :)

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