{it’s not too late to make a Winter wreath for your door!}

i love the thought of having a wreath on our front door for every season, but whewwwwww, it’s easy for it to become a pricy project! lately i’ve been buying {or thrifting} a plain wreath and then i add seasonal pretties to it once i’m back home and inside my studio. for this project, i raided our scrap bin and found this beautiful yellow/green damask-y print and paired it with a more-traditional print in red & green plaid. a few weeks ago i made our Winter wreath in just under an hour ~ i love the pop of color it adds to our front door. plus it’s festive ;] …so it’s perfect!

click here to see our Fall wreath, plus the DIY!

you’ll need a plain wreath {ours is 18″}, 1.5 yards of fabric + scraps to make a coordinating bow, a hot glue gun and a few straight pins.

* cut 4″-5″ strips of fabric, about 1.5 yards total, and iron the seams. *ironing is optional, though! hehe

* keep the plastic wrap over the straw wreath {it’s less messy this way} and get ready to wrap your wreath. using a hot glue gun, secure the first strip of fabric onto the wreath. continue wrapping the fabric around + around, gluing as you need it. it always surprises me how quickly i run out of fabric. wrap, glue, wrap. maybe add some rap? ;] wrap the wreath until it’s fully covered in fabric.

* the next step is to make your pretty bow. using your coordinating fabric, make a bow, then hot glue it to stay put ~ add a few straight pins for extra support.

* cut an extra strip of coordinating fabric, for hanging on the door, about 30″. loop the fabric through your wreath and test out the length

* finally, use a tack + a hammer to secure the wreath on your door. then you’re done! :]

the best part of having a Winter wreath is it can stay up after the holidays are over :] there’s no rush to take it down for fearing of becoming “those neighbors”, and this way i can feel proud of my little project for a few more weeks. hooray!

do you have a Winter wreath on your front door? did you make it, buy it, or was it a gift?

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    Oooooh, I like it! I made our fall wreath and it got pricey. I went with plain greens for Christmas, but maybe I will work on something Winter-ish, for the rest of the season. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    I love the damask fabric!

    Unrelated question – how are you adding the Pin It tag to the bottom of your posts? I’ve seen people with buttons for their blogs and I’m a little jealous but can’t find one for blogger. :(

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