{announcing the 3 – $75 gift certificate winners, + 1 more winner!}

On Monday we partnered up with The Nester and hosted a super fun, BIG giveaway where THREE lucky people would win a $75 Gussy Sews gift certificate. And WOWZERS — the comments that were left — OVER 1,600! Gosh, do you people like ruffles or what?! —wink!

THANK YOU // THANK YOU // THANK YOU for entering and sharing my shop with your online communities!

Now, our winners…
1. Valerie — email: valj1 _ _ _ @gmail.com
2. Crowning Victoria
3. Katie T. — email: katieetal _ _ _ @gmail.com

Winners, please email my lovely assistant Cambria >> cambria AT gussysews DOT com and she’ll hook you up with your $75 gift certificate.

* * *

It seems we have another winner to announce? Yes, yes we do! The October sponsor group giveaway winner {so sorry for my fashionable late-ness!}…

and that would be #14, The Hollie Rogue! Email us >> cambria AT gussysews DOT com

HAPPY SATURDAY, friends! Cambria and I are selling product at a local boutique show, so fun!

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