{a little change of scenery feeds my creative soul.}

prudent baby

Last night was one of the best creative evenings… one of the best I’ve had in a long time. Zack came home from work and he hardly had his coat off for a few minutes before he said to hop in the car, we were going on a little trip. Zack’s so amazing, he knows when I’ve had too much time at home — filled to the top with work, and not enough time doing other things. So we headed off to the next city and sat down for a fun dinner date. It doesn’t take much, just some time out with my man, and I’m a happy girl :]

Zack looked at me like he knew I had a lot on my mind, so I finally blurted out that I had so many ideas but I didn’t know where to start, or if I should even start {you know how this goes, right?} ~ maybe I should let them just dissolve? We started talking and it was during this moment that my best creative evening started. I shared a few ideas and it was like Zack knew EXACTLY where this could go and we fed off of each other for about 30 minutes. I left our little dinner date with the most AMAZING idea. I’m feeling so inspired. I think something great is about to happen and I can’t wait to share it with you once I have some more time to expand on it :]

I love how a little change of scenery can do so much for my creative soul. Do you let a change in scenery happen often enough? I don’t think I do… which is terrible! Right away we made an action plan, which makes this idea even more exciting. Yay!


PS. Totally random question — do you read any knitting blogs? If so, leave a link in the comment section below!

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    Lisa McGriff says

    I wish I knew how to knit, and blog! I understand your needing a change to stir the creativeness. I decorate cakes and cookies and sometimes I’m just so stumped for an idea. I can tell my husband (Firefighter/Private Investigator) and he comes up with the BEST ideas.. I just look at him in amazement.. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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    How awesome that Zack knew exactly what you needed and I’m glad you are able to get the creative juices flowing! I am not sure what constitutes as a “knitting blog” but I do feature my knitting ministry on my blog (more info here: http://daniellesque.blogspot.com/p/knit-together-by-love.html . I am not a pro knitter or anything special though!). I also love The Minimalist Knitter (http://minimalistknitter.blogspot.com/)! Much more of a pro than I am! ;)

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        Knitpicks has some nice video tutorials!
        Getting started (casting on)
        More basics (knit/purl/casting off)

        My sister is just starting out and what I stressed most to her is knowing the difference between a knit and a purl stitch and also that while doing one the other will be on the back side. She was having trouble remembering what she was doing and once you know what each one looks like you’ll never have to guess.

        It’s a good idea to start with some cotton yarn and make washcloths since it doesn’t matter what they look like they can clean and wipe things up. Then move up to a scarf-maybe for your loving husband who will support your venture into scarf making no matter what it looks like. :)
        But really once you learn to knit and purl you can do a lot more than you think and then you just aquire more skills as you need them.
        Ah one more tip: If you’re knitting gets more serious you’ll start to realize you don’t have much need for straight needles so you could purchase circular or double pointed needles from the get go.

        Good luck with the knitting! It is definitely slow going but so worth it when you get a finished project.

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    I’ve never responded to one of your posts, but had to today :) I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog daily and how you are an inspiration to me as I start my new business adventure in the new year. I can’t wait to read about your new idea and hope it is successful for you. I am in that place you were right now (the “lots of ideas” stage) although for me, the brain fog hasn’t cleared yet! I may need to re-read this post later, it may give me the push I need. Sounds like your hubby is a keeper!! (My middle DS is a Zachary so the name does rock!) Cindy

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    I don’t read any knitting specific blogs, but I do use a great social networking site for knitters and crocheters called ravelry.com. It’s not a blog, but it’s full of patterns, forums, and knitters. Actually, now that I think about it, you can probably find local knitters through ravelry and start reading their blogs. Or just click through the forums.

    Second, check out http://woolandthegang.com/en/home/index Again not a blog, but depending on what you are looking for it might help.

    Can’t wait to learn more about your awesome idea.

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    I really enjoy http://www.purlbee.com for cool knitting and other project ideas.

    I love reading about your creative meetings with Zack- my husband and I have business meetings where we make plans and dream a bit and I always feel so great afterwards! What a joy to have a partner to share everything with, right?

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    I don’t keep up with any knitting blogs. Funny really since knitting’s the fiber craft I’m truly and utterly obsessed with. Like Kasey M. said, http://www.ravelry.com is a *GREAT* place to find knitting inspiration. I think I have lost days of my life on that site. :D

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    What a blessing in your wonderful husband! He is truly your match and knows when you need to get out of the house! I am also blessed with a husband who supports (and physically helps) with my business and it is such an important part of having a handmade business!

    I’m sure whatever gears are turning in that creative brain of yours will be a huge success and I can’t wait to see what you have to share with us! :) You are such an inspiring and creative business woman!

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    I actually loom knit which is way easier than using needles. If you’re looking for a quick and fun way to pick up knitting, I highly recommend it! Especially how busy you are, it’s a fun way to knit and requires much less time! I did a basic cap tutorial on my blog (http://daniellesque.blogspot.com/2011/11/loom-knit-cap-tutorial-prep.html) but you can probably find some on You Tube also! Like I said in my previous comment, I’m not a pro, but I would be happy to help as best I can if you have any questions! Good luck with whichever method you try!

  9. 21


    I love knitting! I bought A LOT of books and magazines to teach me how and it’s been a fun journey. Mostly I make scarves, but I’ve also done baby blankets.

    I use ravelry.com for inspiration and patterns, it’s super easy to use. Plus it’s free! :)

  10. 22


    I second and third the Ravelry suggestions… so many work days lost to perusing patterns…

    A lot of knitting blogs can be a bit sporadic about updating, but probably my most favorite blog is the Yarn Harlot (http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/) as she is hilarious and has many books that prove as much. If you are learning and looking for help, I constantly refer my friends/students to http://www.knittinghelp.com (they have TONS of videos showing everything you need to know. TechKnitting is also great for explaining what’s happening when you knit so you actually understand what you are doing (http://techknitting.blogspot.com/). Hope those are helpful!

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    I don’t follow knitting blogs but I follow crochet blogs since I’m a crocheter myself. :-) Been crocheting since 6th grade & I love it! Some great sites for tutorials are lionbrand.com, that’s probably my favorite brand of yarn & you tube always has great video tutorials. I’d also reccomend getting the book by Leisure arts called “I can’t believe I’m crocheting (or knitting)”, that’s how I got my start & taught myself how to crochet. Good luck! If you’re ever in the D.C. are, I could teach you how to crochet! :-D

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  1. […] This is so exciting to me! I love how a simple change {it’s all about your mindset} can change so many other things in your life. It starts with taking the first step, like creating an Inspiration Board and then it spirals more + more + more until suddenly not only your wardrobe is re-vamped but so is your office and business! I talk about these things in an indie biz sorta way, see here and here. […]

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