{what I wore wednesday — week #25, repurposing “old” pieces to make a new outfit}

chunky cable sweater – Macy’s
shirt dress + leggings + bow flats – Target
orange handbag + wide cream belt – Kohls

Lisa Leonard bracelet ~ the buttons read “ruffle, create, sew, love, gussy”

I L-O-V-E Burt’s Bees chapstick! ;D

gray stripe headband ~ my shop

white sunglasses ~ Forever 21

I know, I know, shame on me. I took little break from WIWW these last few months because my outfits were starting to be on repeat week-to-week. But now that the weather has cooled off I’m wearing things that are perfect for the fall season, like this sweater from Macy’s :] So once again, WIWW is fun! tee he he. On Sunday Zack and I headed out for the afternoon and I was super happy to be wearing a new outfit that was made by repurposing “old” pieces. I really like the layered look because it gives my outfits a whole new feel. Which is fun!

And I know I’ve mentioned this before, but linking up with Lindsey for WIWW makes me feel like I kinda sorta do know what I’m doing with clothes. I don’t always feel like I do, but when I’m intentional and I think about WHAT I’m wearing and HOW it makes me look I definitely notice a little positive change. It’s fun!

You should try it some time! :] How about next week? All you have to do is snap pictures from ONE outfit and then share them on your blog on Wednesday. {You can do it!}

TELL ME: Do you like to repurpose “old” pieces to make a new outfit, or would you rather buy a new outfit?

xoxo, Gussy

pleated poppy

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  1. 1


    I’ve been trying really hard to repurpose and look at my clothes differently and WIWW always helps! there is so much great inspiration there! :) I love the orange bag! Such a fun fall color!

  2. 2


    Love the Burts Bees picture:) I love it too:) So funny, yesterday I just said on instagram that I might join Lindsey’s WIWW wednesday this week. But, shame on me, I have not blogged since June 13th:/

  3. 6


    I love buying new clothes! I feel refreshed and have a little more spring in my step! Especially since my husband hasn’t seen the clothes a million times yet. ;) But, with me starting my own business, I haven’t been able to go shopping in a while. When I am able to put together a cute new outfit with things I already own? That’s a total win! :)

  4. 8

    sandra robbins says

    I’m not so sure I would have put that color sweater with the rest. But the outfit looks fun to me, and o so at home with yourself!!! I love the sweater, very cozy looking!!0

  5. 11


    You could wear a potato sack and be the cutest thing ever because you are so lovely thru and thru! As it happens I love your entire outfit. You always look so finnished. I love the personality you put into the bracelet and your signature headband too. Such cuteness!!

    I tend to buy new outfits as often as I can but end up wearing my favorites but I am trying to be better about mixing things up. My trick is to put my clothes away and “rotate stock” by putting the clean stuff under the stuff in my drawers so I have to dig to get to an old standby…

    • 12


      isn’t that bracelet awesome????

      Lisa surprised me and made it just for me, hah! so amazing!!! and now she sells it in her shop.

      thanks for your comment! and for sharing a great tip about digging through the new to find your old standbys, yes! ;]

  6. 14


    When we moved, our new place has way less closet space. I finally broke down and made a trip to IKEA to “buy” closet space. When I was hanging up my clothes I realized that I had TWO of the exact same shirt. I think because my clothes were all tucked away in drawers I forgot that I had it…oops!

    I think I will take you re-purposing challenge. Now, I just need to find my winter clothes…hmmm.

    You outfit is super cute! Love the ruffles on a plaid shirt. ;]

  7. 18


    I love buying one or two new items + accessories and then creating a bunch of new things looks with new + old clothes. It makes all the created outfits feel like new! :) I’m rocking matching shoes and headband in my wiww; love it!

  8. 20

    Katie S. says

    You outfit is adorable!! I like to repurpose my outfits..there is nothing better than free!!!:) Happy Wednesday!!

  9. 22


    Your hair is BEAUTIFUL! Please don’t tell me it air dries like that. ;) If I don’t put at least 45 minutes into my hair it looks like a lion’s mane. And it’s the same length as yours! Not a good look…

    • 23


      no it does not! {i use a diffuser.} and you know what? this morning i was actually feeling like my hair is on crack. since coloring it the curl isn’t the same. SADNESS!

      thanks for your comment though — xoxo

  10. 24


    I love when I come up with a new outfit from “old” pieces. Sometimes I’ll be getting tired of the same old same old (who doesn’t?) and then I’ll pair a shirt with a sweater that I’ve never done before and it turns out great! I mean, new outfits are fun and all, but it’s always a downer when I look at my bank account after one of those trips :P

  11. 25


    I love coming up with a super fab outfit out of old things! But its also nice to pare it with something new once in awhile. But since I am a mom with lots of kiddos they generally come 1st followed by everything else, leaving me dead last!

    I don’t know why your hair shocked me! I have been following your blog (minus six weeks of being sick) and thought OH… that’s not Gussy!!!

  12. 29


    You’re adorable!
    I love the FUN outfits you put together!
    Hugs from Bainbridge!
    …Popped over today and read your tutorial on sewing a zipper! Thanks a bundle!
    I am struggling with the ZIPPER~thing! ;)

  13. 30


    Being a mom with a budget and a “greenie”, I prefer to use my old clothes and try to make new outfits….layering is SO much fun…especially useful in this fall weather where it can be warm or quite cool…even wearing a shirt as a skirt…or turning an old shirt into a scarf. I love ruffles, too.

  14. 31


    okaygirl you inspired me. i will do it next wednesday!!! i love your outfit and am doing my best to not be jealous that you get to enjoy that beautiful fall weather back home!!!!

    stay beautiful!

  15. 37

    Aimee says

    I just read your FAQs – wow I’m amazed that you taught yourself how to sew! You have a gift! (came from LMM)


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