{let’s make a fall-inspired wreath! [DIY]}

It’s good to take a break every so often so you don’t get stuck in a rut. So for today, let’s take a time-out from the habitual to-do list and make a fall-inspired wreath! Sound like fun? OK — great! ;] Here are a few suggestions I have for you to do before you get started on your project: make a cup of tea {yum, Aveda tea is my favorite}, open the curtains so the lovely fall sun shines through, and turn on some fun music. Once you’re done with that you can start gathering your materials…

+ felt in various colors {I used 2 shades of red, 2 shades of green, brown & yellow}
+ 1.5 yards of burlap
+ yarn
+ scissors
+ large sewing needle
+ rotary blade + cutting mat [optional]
+ hot glue gun
+ fabric scrap, about 30″ x 4″
+ wreath frame {I used a straw wreath}
+ hammer & a nail/small staple

STEP ONE: Decide the size of your leaf and make a template. I made two different leaf sizes and had fun switching back & forth.

STEP TWO: Cut as many leaves as you want, in all the colors you want :] I used a rotary blade but scissors would work just fine, too.

STEP THREE: Turn on your hot glue gun so it’s plenty warm for the next strep. Then, cut your burplap. I left the fabric folded over {like it’s folded when on the bolt}, and used the rotary blade to cut strips about 5″ wide. I think this gave me about 6-7 strips of burlap.

*Don’t forget to take a sip of tea —wink!

STEP FOUR: Take a strip of burlap and put a few lines of glue on one edge. Press it against the wreath and hold for a few seconds, then start wrapping the burlap tightly against the wreath. Make sure you pull it taught so it’s not bulky later. No one wants a frumpy-looking wreath, right? ;]

Continue wrapping the wreath with burlap, making sure to add some hot glue as you need it.

STEP FIVE: When you’re finished, your wreath should look like this ^ The edges frayed a bit so I took a pair of scissors and trimmed it up. But, you don’t need to do that part.

STEP SIX: Grab your felt leaves, string, scissors and large needle and find a comfy spot on the couch. If your puppy won’t leave you alone, consider moving to your bed so you have more room to work, uninterrupted ;]

STEP SEVEN: Take your large sewing needle and thread your needle with yarn. You’re now going to stitch through each leaf three times to create “veins” in your leaf. Once you complete the veins in each leaf, move on to the next leaf — but make sure there’s about 3″ of yarn slack in between each leaf {like your making a leaf garland} so you can cut them apart at a later step.

STEP EIGHT: Head back to your work room and cut the leaves apart. But don’t cut the yarn too close to the felt, or your yarn stitches will pull out. Add a dot of hot glue to each end to prevent this from happening. Then, arrange your felt leaves in a pretty montage, and start gluing them together.

STEP NINE: I wanted a Thanksgiving-like montage so I glued everything in front/middle/back layers. Place your montage on your burlap-covered wreath, then hot glue it on. Press firmly for a few seconds, then wait a few minute for the glue to fully dry, then double check to see if there are any loose edges that could use an extra dab of glue.

STEP TEN: Yay — the last step! Take your pre-cut fabric scrap and loop it through your wreath, then hammer your nail or small staple at the top of your front door. OR, hang it on an inside or outside wall.

Yeowwwww — so cute, right?!

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