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Back in May I announced a new weekly linky party that I’d be hosting on my blog called Inspiration Workshop! The idea behind this was two-fold: to encourage others that creativity & inspiration can be found anywhere {and by anyone}, and to continue building up the Gussy Sews community. Really, it’s amazing ~ the fellowship we’ve built here is so strong and hopeful :] I lurve it!

Here’s how the Inspiration Workshop! works >> Every Friday we send an Inspiration Workshop! email newsletter, which announces the upcoming week’s prompt, and also provides ideas via photos & links. Then on the following Thursday, everyone’s invited to link up their blog post right here on my blog — www.gussysews.com

Here’s a sample of the weekly newsletter >>

So what kinds of prompts do we write about? handmade, kitchens, green, “spend the day playing“, bathrooms, pamper yourself, sunshine, your inspiration {you choose the topic}, the beach, “a day in my life“, gardening, the front porch, your favorite color, vintage, inspiring books, favorite shop, family room, favorite DIY — just to name a few, wink!

I share photos that inspire me, a little blurb on the weekly prompt, and then at the end I highlight a few blogs that linked up to the previous week’s prompt. It’s such a fun way to really keep this community moving. Linky parties are also a fun way to find new blogs {everyone’s encouraged to click the links and leave a comment}.

Another thing that’s great about the Inspiration Workshop! is that each week’s prompt can be revisited on my blog, even after the linky party has closed {every Sunday evening they close}. Click here to see all the posts!

Tomorrow’s prompt is FALL — will you be joining us? I hope so :] All you need to do is write a post on what FALL means to you, what it reminds you of, HOWEVER you want to interpret it. Then come back here and link your post. So easy & so fun!

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

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    I love linking up! Such a fun way to meet new friends, find new blogs to read (my Google reader has hundreds now!!), and give you an idea for a blog post if you’re in a creative slump. Anyone who hasn’t, MUST try it! :)

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