{Inspiration Workshop! — RED: the color}

Let’s be inspired!

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This week’s Inspiration Workshop! prompt is RED: the color!
♥ Share your blog post with us by linking up below. I’ll be reading what you link up, so I hope you join the linky party and share your inspiration!!!! You have until Sunday to share your take on the color RED :]

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Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

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  1. 1


    i am making that first picture. i have a bday party on friday and family and friends are coming over and i don’t want flowers. i have the big glass container. i have a tree line of evergreens. i am on my way to get grocerys anyway, i will just buy the lemons and limes. or maybe gourds. hmmmmm.

    love it!

  2. 6


    Oh, I’m such a goofball sometimes! I participated in the Inspiration Workshop about two weeks ago but totally did it wrong. I don’t know exactly what you said today, Maggie, that made me realize that but now I know that I’M supposed to blog about the inspiration topic and post the link here. Oy! Hopefully I wasn’t alone in this. Such a goof! In any case, I plan on doing it correctly this time around. :)

  3. 10


    My camera is broken, so I can’t participate in the RED linkup :( I am however, here from Little Miss Momma to say that I am entering your wonderful contest! Thank you!

  4. 20


    I sure do love those sprinkles! Oh and I’m officially stopping by from LMM tonight (though I’ve been a follower of yours for a while now!) :)

  5. 24


    Hallo Gussy
    linking up all the way from Germany. I happened to use up all my red scraps yesterday.

    Thank you for your positive writing, I very much enjoy your blog


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