{helloooo, October!}

It’s so fun to welcome a new month here in Minneapolis. The leaves started changing weeks ago {what?} and our backyard is full of pine tree “stuff”. It’s gorgeous outside :] Yesterday I picked up a dozen or so pine cones and brought them into our house to fill a vase or a big bowl — still not sure where I’ll put them yet. And silly Bauer ~ he thought they were for him. I’ve also started making a list of decor things I want to do around our home, like make two fall wreaths, recover the pillows on our couch, visit a few more thrift stores, and finish a few DIYs.

Yesterday I totally hit the sewing jackpot with my thrift store find, YEOW! If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you may know know what I found! Tee hehe.

HAPPY SATURDAY, and helloooo, October!

PS. Soooo many squirrels & bunnies in our yard this time of year. If only Bauer could catch one {and not in his dreams}… ;]

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    Cindy says

    What a cool pic! Leaves are beautiful in Iowa right now too. Appreciating it now, b/c you and I both know what is around the corner! yipes!

  2. 4


    Honestly, does it get much better than the first day of October?? Oh, how I love it!! I wish there was more weather to enjoy here in Southern California, but that’s okay because at least the heat is gone!

    And again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for participating in Small Business Month over in my parts! You are beyond gracious with your knowledge and time! Yippeee!!

  3. 8

    Grace Chandler says

    I am so jealous that you actually have seasons and get to watch the leaves change color! We definitely don’t get much of that in Southern California…especially here in the desert! Have a wonderful fall :)

  4. 10

    Leah Martone says

    There is nothing more beautiful than fall in Minneapolis- Even mother nature loves maroon and gold :)

    Love your work and your blog- makes me miss living in the cities. Enjoy!


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