{7 pretty things on Sunday + a dash of self-confidence}

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What a gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous day it is!!!! I think by now, us Minneapolis peeps are used to wearing boots & sweaters when sitting outside, but so far I’ve only worn those things once {and that was in September}. The month of October has seriously been lovely. Eighty degrees outside nearly every day and so much sunshine and blue skies. I feel spoiled :]

Zack and I are headed out for the afternoon in just a few minutes. It’s too nice to stay in!!!

* * *

I want to share something about social media & online time, a few things that have been on my heart for a little bit…

Sometimes it’s really hard for me to be online. There are so many talented people sharing their ideas and projects, and some times I sit and think, Oh, I could have never created that on my own, from scratch. Or, I definitely don’t have those words in my vocabulary. So I want to share these thoughts with you to encourage you that it’s OK that your home doesn’t look like the pins you see on Pinterest, or your parties don’t look like that, or your craft room doesn’t look like “hers” or your blog doesn’t receive comments like “hers”, or _________. I know I’ve shared this before, but I want to share it again :] When I spend the most time online I have the most self-doubt. And I’m sure I’m not alone, right? :]

Let’s use social media to challenge ourselves to do new things, not to allow ourselves to feel poorly about our self.

*Here’s a dash of self-confidence.* Sprinkle some on yourself today?

We’re headed out for the day and I could let myself feel sad that no one is trailing behind, taking photos of us and making every moment we live A Moment {because that’s what we all feel sometimes? That everyone else has a personal photographer, documenting their life?}. Instead I want all of us to head outside and feel soooo happy that we are living life.

The memories we later replay in our minds are our dreams coming true. Right?

xoxoxoxo and HAPPY SUNDAY!

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    wonderful, wonderful reminder . . . and i’m from the twin cities too and agree that the weather has been amazingly glorious! enjoy it while we can, right?

  2. 4


    Oh Maggie! I can not thank you enough for your words in this post… I have let some words and actions on a social media site really bother me this weekend. Your words have stopped my pity party and turned my day around! :) Your point about the more time that is spent on the internet and/or social media the more you tend to be filled with lots of self doubt is so true! Thank you for the sprinkle of self confidence… I am off to enjoy the rest of the day with my sweet little girl and my parents who are visiting! XOXO

    • 5


      hi sweet teri lynn!

      i’m so glad this post helped you. it’s crazy, but posting this actually helped to lift some weight off MY shoulders. i have been having these thoughts for a little while now, but felt that keeping it to myself was causing more guilt/self-doubt for me and others!!! i don’t ever want others to think something that’s not true, which is why i felt led to post this. it’s so easy to feel jealousy or not good enough over online “stuff”.

      i’m glad my sprinkles helped you! xoxo

  3. 6


    Such an important message! I always try to remind myself of the quote by Theodore Roosevelt– “Comparison is the thief of joy,” when it comes to the world of blogging. Enjoy your Sunday afternoon! P.S. Love that pin cushion frame!

  4. 8


    YES indeed, this Minneapolis October has been a complete DREAM! We were out and about today too!! :)

    I had a bummer of an episode via social media this past weekend in which i actually observed someone making fun of something on my blog. it bummed me out for about 10 minutes, then i moved on (after letting them know that i had read it…)

    be kind, even on social media – you never know who may read your words…
    and yes, just focus on being the best version of yourself in all things – great advice, girl.


  5. 9


    Very true, and so well timed! I’ve been lagging a bit on my blog and it bothered me that my readership went down until I realized that its OK. That’s me, and my life, and I can still have some great relationships.

    Thanks for being your lovely self!

  6. 10


    sometimes it’s really hard for me to be online, too, maggie…i have been blogging for 4 years and the fruit that has come out of it is a blessing, but my flesh wants more. thanks for the reminder to have confidence in myself and what i have to bring to the table.

  7. 13


    Sweet,encouraging words, friend. Thanks for that.
    And I have to add that the first sign reminds me of a song from years ago by the Forester Sisters called, “I’d Choose You Again”. I try to play it when our anniversary rolls around (31 years on October 18.). You can hear it here: http://youtu.be/3zsQgL-5Jq0
    I don’t like the video, but the words to the song are great.

  8. 15


    That you for that encouragement! I often find myself feeling down because my life/blog/shop/sales/house isn’t like *fill in the blank,* but at the end of the day none of that matters! Getting off the computer really helps to get my mind back on my priorities!

    • 16


      i feel that way too — and it’s so wrong!!! there’s always going to be something/someone to compare “it” to, right? i need to remember that more often… thanks for your comment, laura! xo

  9. 18


    Great advise for all ;} We just spend over two weeks on the road for work and play and it really felt so good to be away from the computer. I checked my google reader a few times…but only to delete the posts that I knew that I would never have the time to read…some days it was over 1,000 posts. I blogged a little bit and had some posts done in advance and it was such a refreshing break. Thanks for the reminder and for letting us know that we all have days where we feel a little “less than” and on those days it’s really hard not to compare ;}
    Fondly, Roberta

  10. 19


    You just made me smile! I was JUST feeling this way today, in fact I wrote a post about it. It’s so hard not to feel a part of a clique or as though your blog isn’t GOOD ENOUGH. Thank you for this reminder girly!

  11. 21

    Lisa says

    I’ve been thinking about this a LOT in the last few days. Struggling to not let the comparison virus destroy my creativity and lifeblood…

    thanks. it’s good to know that others feel the same.

  12. 25


    THANK YOU FOR THOSE REMINDERS! I just started my craft blog 2 weeks ago and I’ve really been struggling. Not only because I feel my crafts are pretty pathetic but because I’m not able to post daily. (my daughter was hurt at school during school hours and so we’ve been having many issues! That was probably tmi but I’m really struggling!) anyway- thank you. I’m so glad to know that I’m not the only one feeling this way

  13. 28


    MMM…loved this post. I’m sick on the couch today and spending a ton of time online thinking the exact thoughts you talked about! Thank you!

  14. 32


    Love this and totally agree! I feel like everyone else is married to a professional photographer! My hubs is a roofer and he really doesn’t care much about pictures and blogging.

  15. 35


    This is a GREAT reminder and I agree completely. Thanks for today’s post!!

    And I LOVE the little reading nook photo! What a sweet sweet idea for little readers! :) I love to sit and read with my children, or to just watch them read their books. :)

  16. 38


    Goosebumps again and that, I’m going to cry that is so beautiful and true feeling! That’s the best way to describe how I feel after reading this post. It’s funny how much emotion one sentence can create.(Instead I want all of us to head outside and feel soooo happy that we are living life). It’s as if I was waiting to hear just that but didn’t know it yet. Thank you again for helping us all, once again, realize that our real lives are what’s important not how we portray them on-line.

    I had a moment when I was working on a project this weekend and my hands were covered in dirt and I was just about done when I thought oh no I forgot to take pictures! But I realized I was kind of glad I didn’t because I really enjoyed the project for me and I wasn’t preoccupied with the angles of my photos or how I would caption this or that. I decided I would keep that little project all to myself.

    P.S. Here in Texas it’s been so hot and dry and this weekend we got rain! Lots of rain! So I took a walk in the cool air and on the wet streets.

    • 39


      i’m so happy you were able to enjoy your project in full spirit :) that’s seriously amazing!

      thanks so much for sharing your heart here! xoxo, happy monday!

  17. 40


    Thank you lady! I needed to read your words today! I have been feeling so much behind the eight ball lately when it comes to blogging….I simply don’t have the time needed to utilize all of the social media outlets and networking that it takes to take “it to the next level”!! And that leaves me feeling discouraged sometimes…so thanks for the little sprinkle of encouragement this afternoon friend!

  18. 41


    Um…Maggie, have you been reading my mind? I know that you’re pretty awesome and all, but didn’t realize that you could do that too! :D

    I have actually almost clicked “Mark All Read” in my Google Reader several times this week because I have felt exactly like that. I feel like I’m beating myself up about every beautiful autumnal house that I read about while mine sits yet to be decorated for Fall. I look at the majorly organized spaces and start to panic that my “office” is now simply just the junk room because I don’t have time to deal with it once I get home from work. What I really need to deal with is the fact that my life is ridiculously crazy busy right now and that the moments that I AM at home, I would much rather spend with my husband, who I don’t get to see nearly enough!

    Thanks for the encouragement just when I needed it, friend!

  19. 43


    What a wonderful post. :-) I had my husband read it and he said “man this is all you” ! I know that I need to start a blog to help get my little business off the ground but I tend to think “my life really isn’t that interesting – who is going to want to read about it” So I think I’ll get planning, take your words of encouragement and get crackin on that blog. :-)

  20. 44


    oh, i spy my blogging friend up there! Linds is one crafty person, am i right?! and loving those cute little reindeer. :)
    it’s often hard for my to be online so don’t feel alone in this vast, inspiring thing we call the Internet. it’s so hard NOT to fall in the trap of NOT being inspired because you weren’t the one to create that tutorial first or think up an amazing photography post. but we are perfect just the way we are :)

  21. 46


    such a sweet way of putting it (& i did it yesterday). i call it my ‘poor me’ moments. you are so talented and such a lovely person. thanks for your honestly & willingness to share. great inspiration for the day.

  22. 47


    This post was just what I needed. Thank you for the sprinkle of confidence, as a new-ish blogger who just got serious about the quit your day job dream you are an inspiration and role model.


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