{Angels aren’t afraid to fly // a post on encouragement}

Last week Thursday I flew out to Pennsylvania for Relevant, and just like last time I flew I felt a lot of peace, until it was time to say goodbye to Zack. I think the more I process this fear the more I learn about it, like how maybe death is really the root of this issue, but it just presents itself the most boldly through a fear of flying? But that may be another post for another time :] Both of my flights out to PA were easy; the second/last flight was a little scary while we were preparing to land but I had on my brave wings and was actually calming the new friend sitting next to me :] Funny how that works, right?

However, all throughout Relevant I felt so much friction. I had made it there with very little anxiety and so naturally you-know-who was pouting, so he threw a really ugly tantrum and showed up in the form of self-consciousness and loneliness. Again, possibly another post for another time… but, the point is that the devil did not shy away from getting into my head ~ oh no, he sure did not. I felt so sick most of Friday from this and was sooooo so so happy when the things I was feeling quickly dissolved. I think that is called answered prayer :] or happiness.

But then Sunday came, yesterday, and you-know-who didn’t take the day off to rest. Right away yesterday morning my heart felt heavy. Sitting in the hotel lobby with Stephanie and Holley I felt… really uncomfortable. All I wanted was to be home with my hubby and pup so badly, but that meant I needed to get on the plane. Here’s something I’ve been thinking about often, Why is it that at the time we are the most obedient to God we also feel the most attacks from the devil?

I texted Zack at 5:20am, I wanted him to pray for me, but he is amazing and he CALLED me so we could chat for a few minutes. We boarded our flight, I sat next to Steph ~ she read her Bible and I was reading What Women Fear. We both commented how beautiful our flight attendant was and in just a few minutes we’d learn where her beauty came from. While serving drinks, she stopped to ask Stephanie which book she was reading.

    I know you’re reading the Bible, but which book are you reading?

The door was opened…

On her way back down the aisle she stopped once more,

    I felt the LORD speaking to me and so I want to share this story with you.

We learned her name was Cynthia as she went on to share an amazing story of how God protected her a few years ago by removing her name from the crew list of that days flight. She shared that she later found out that same flight crashed and everyone on the plane died. And yes, that is totally scary for me to write because I am terrified that is going to happen to me, but there’s more to her story… Cynthia told us that the tragedy made her so thankful that her trust is in the LORD. And it reminds me that all of our days are numbered and God already knows the who/what/where/when/why, so I better stop worrying about all of those things ;] There’s power in repetition, right?

If you know me then you KNOW I had just one question for her: how in the world does she continue to fly when something so scary {scary to me} nearly happened to her??? And you know what she told me? She said she feels that God’s plan for her is to be a flight attendant ~ and not to be selfish, but *I* am so thankful that is God’s plan for her, too! Her story made the tears started falling ~ It really takes a lot of courage from me every time I book a flight to get on the flight, sit down, and give it all to the LORD, that He has a plan for me… Every few months I continue to be brave and give my trust to God.

Isaiah 41:13 {NIV}
For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.

Matthew 10:27 {NIV}
What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs.

So, a quick secret: this post was not what I intended on sharing for today, but I guess someone had other plans ;]

As you start this new week, be encouraged! Whatever scary things are filling your mind, know you are fought for daily. Don’t keep your fears to yourself, don’t make yourself sick over them like I often do.

Look for the angels, they are always nearby ~ and they aren’t afraid to fly.

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{i adore this shop! >> My Little Buffalo}

Lisa is the creative mind behind My Little Buffalo. She’s got such an eye for simplicity and a love for the quirky, plus a talent for taking her customers’ ideas and bringing them to life in all of her designs. The result is always adorable, streamlined and fun.

Lisa hails from Michigan {yay, me too! didja know?, we met years ago and stood as bridesmaids in each others weddings!!!}, but currently lives in the wildly unique city of Portland, Oregon with her fabulously-bearded husband, Nate (whom My Little Buffalo was named after) Hadley, her squeezable daughter, and Abe the kitty.

When she is not changing diapers or singing nursery rhymes, she’s on her computer designing away for many small businesses and websites, trying to achieve exactly what they want in a blog header, or new logo.

* * *

Maybe you’re in need of a fresh new design? Maybe your pal is in need? Maybe you need Christmas cards…? Send her some love, and tell her Gussy sent you ;]

See her designs // visit her shop // visit her blog // follow along on twitter.

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{your questions, my answers >> my new Advice Column!}

Just a little bit ago I had this idea ~ which I think is pretty spiffy —wink!, to create an Advice Column page which would allow me to answer YOUR questions that you send my way via email. If you know me in-person, you know I loooove a good chat! And I think many of you do know me {maybe we haven’t met in-person, but you “know” me} because I read quite a few emails each week that ask, “how would you handle this, Gussy?” or “what should I do next?” And I love these opportunities for discussion, so in an effort to really connect I’ve created an Advice Column. This way when I answer a question I can share it with everyone, instead of just one person via a private email.

You can find the Advice Column in my navigation by under the “blog” drop-down menu. On this page I’ll post your questions and my answers. I also have a list of some of my favorite e-courses and e-books :]

There’s also a handy dandy box at the end of the Advice Column page for you to submit your questions. Yeow! — I’m super excited and would love to hear your thoughts!


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{Inspiration Workshop! — favorite recipe}

mmmmMMMMM MMM! writing this post while i’m super hungry probably wasn’t the best idea, but oh well! everything sure looks tasty, doesn’t it?? Y-U-M-M-O! my favorite kinds of recipes are ones that have sorta common ingredients but are easy to make and of course FULL OF FLAVOR! nothing makes me happier than an ultra-flavorful dish. simple dishes, like Jambalaya even, are what i drool over ;]

i did a Pinterest search and look at all the amazing things i found? most of the product photos are recipes, and then there are a few inspiring table settings. enjoy!

Source: foodgawker.com via Gussy on Pinterest

SHARE WITH US BELOW: what’s your favorite recipe? what’s your favorite table setting? what’s your favorite ingredient to cook with? {i loooove me some italian seasoning + olive oil and french bread!}

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