{…on straying from my normal routine}

I’m such a dork! The plan was that today ~ on my first day back from traveling two long weekends in a row {first to The Creative Connection in St. Paul, MN, then to Blog Sugar in Long Beach, CA} ~ I’d stray from my normal routine & take the day off…

*But ohhhh, how amazing it is to be near friends that encourage & mentor you! love it*

…Except the first thing I did when Zack left for work this morning is scoop up Bauer from the couch and move him to our bed where I’m now working on my computer!!! So much for straying from my normal routine ;] The plan to take today off is so I can catch my breath and play with Bauer {let’s be honest} and visit a few shops around town that look super fun. To not workworkwork. To not feel so overwhelmed; to slow down for a few extra moments. But here I am… and I take this as a little reminder that even though work can get crazy I still L O V E my work and connecting with others online because I can’t see them regularly face-to-face. So to be writing this post out of “want” and not “should” is nice :] It really is…

* * *

Today I’m soaking in that I got to hug sweet Casey on Sunday {above photo}. Attending & speaking at Blog Sugar was such an amazing experience ~ in just a little bit I’ll share some more photos.

Today I’m loving that my house is a mess — I really am and it really is. I want to see pillows on the floor, dog toys everywhere, luggage out that needs to put away, laundry near {not in, ooops} the laundry basket. I want to run errands today that make no sense; that are out of logistical order because to me, all of the things above are mini-celebrations of this giant blessing I’ve been given. Life is such a gift.

So tell me, what are you going to celebrate today?

Maybe it’s not possible for you to take a weekday off, but maybe you can take an evening off? Or a weekend off? Or a weekend day off? My hope is that we all can enjoy time off without feeling guilty. Last week, before I even left for Blog Sugar, I told myself that Tuesday would be a Maggie day. I re-arranged my schedule so no one would be coming over. If we’re too busy engaging in our celebrations then it’s easy to miss what we’re celebrating… and I don’t want to miss it. Making sure Zack and I have ample amounts of work & play is something I want to be better at.

Last night, after I got home from Blog Sugar and snuggled Bauer tons, Zack took me on a little date. We went to Burger Jones and ate yummy burgers & sweet potato fries, then we shared a Salty Caramel shake. It was the best date ever. {I’m sooooo happy to be home…}

A FEW THINGS TO SHARE before I celebrate this day at home…
1. Click here to enter this $200 Gussy Sews shop credit giveaway, hosted by Jen of Tater Tots & Jello!

2. I’m hosting a Holiday Gift Guide October 15th – December 14th, click here for more info or click here to register your handmade shop {application deadline is October 2nd}.

3. On Sunday, October 2nd I’m hosting a local meet-up, right here in Minneapolis. We’re going to learn how to make a Terrarium :] Please email me by tonight if you can come: gussy AT gussysews DOT com


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  1. 1


    I just entered the $200 shop credit. I really hope I win, but hey, if I don’t I’ll still be buying in the future! I LOVE your products, blog, and your family. You only live [not even] 20 minutes away from me and I want to go to your meetup so bad. ;) ♥♥

  2. 5

    tiffany day says

    Hi Maggie,

    Love love your products/items! the orange and blue zippered pouches are awesome!! I would also love a bag!

    thanks for this fun opportunity!


  3. 6


    It was wonderful to meet you and to be able to sit in your panel and hear your advice. Thank you so very much for answering my question- I will take your words to heart and “unplug for a few days” when I decide that I’d like to open up shop again. Making a name for myself has always been a struggle, but your kindness was so inspiring!


  4. 11

    hannah j says

    I enter every single giveaway I ever see of yours . . . I can’t believe I’ve never followed your blog yet! Consider me your newest follower =)

  5. 14


    I’m glad to hear you had a successful trip speaking at Blog Sugar! What a great opportunity to be invited to. :)

    Also, I’m very jealous that you had sweet potato fries and a salted caramel shake! Sweet potato fries, I’m obsessed with. Something that’s salted caramel, I have yet to try (but have been obsessed with looking at recipes on Pinterest). Is salted caramel good? Welcome back and glad to hear you had a safe trip!

  6. 16


    So, I didn’t attend either of the blog parties-that is what I am calling them because they sure seemed like a party to me-BUT I am excited that everyone else did because they are talking about all the people they met and linking up and I am finding new wonderful blogs to follow! Thanks for sharing your friends so that we can all share in their wonderful sites!

  7. 17


    I’m just going to say it again. I LOVE the hair color :) That’s a really nice picture. (Oh, and your bags are pretty great, too ;))

  8. 19


    I love your site! and all of your amazing work! I found you on tater tots and jellow! : ) I am a follower! Hop on over and follow me too if you like : )


  9. 22


    I am celebrating being home with my sweet girls! Tony has to work the next three days (boo!) so I miss him, but am loving special time with my girlies. I guess I didn’t realize how much I missed them.

    LOVED getting to chat with you on Sunday – you’re even cuter and sweeter in person!!

  10. 23

    Raquel Braun says

    Stopping by from TT&J. Do you ever sell locally at sales? I would love to stop by and see your beautiful creations in person!! Love the patterns and designs you use.

  11. 25


    GUSSY! SO great meeting you at Blog Sugar! You are just too cute & so sweet.
    I have a cute pic of us on my blog. I can email it to you!
    Glad you are back home with your boys :)
    Love you & I am going to go enter some giveaways so I can get another Gussy to go along with my vintage Gussy :)

  12. 26


    Hi Maggie!
    I am wishing I had introduced myself to you at Blog Sugar, but I sat in on your second conference.
    In truth I had not been a follower until now. My Mom loves to sew and she told me about you at Blog Sugar. So you can bet I am a follower now! Your stuff is so darling. I thought you did a great job speaking and I enjoyed listening to a little bit of your story. I am a hairdresser and was just in love with your headband you wore Sunday. So nice to meet ya, love to learn more about ya, and I am off to buy a couple of your sweet ruffly headbands!! :)

  13. 33


    stopped by to see what you had posted today and looks like a busy day :)
    am off to enter the give away which would be cool to win cuz I LOVE totes and like to have a dedicated one for each activity… they help me to be more organized and it;s just fun to use a special tote for each thing..
    yours are super cute and bright, would have to be for something fun …hmmm shopping anyone ;P

  14. 35


    You had me at the worlds “salty” and “caramel” used right in a row. :) Sometimes the best days are the ones where we don’t do the typical stuff–glad you were able to unwind and celebrate after your trip!

  15. 37


    you’re so right! it’s so important to reprioritize every once in a while and a date night helps too!

    i’ve been reading you for a while and entering all of your giveaways…i’m finally a follower!

  16. 39


    shut the font door I big fluffy heart the lil date night hubs set up for you! so happy you and casey got to be reunited <3 i heart her art and I heart your swag <3 <3 <3

  17. 40

    Katja says

    I came via Tatertots & Jello :)
    Your blog looks lovely and inspiring, and I LOVE your shop! I will be following your blog, thank you! :)

  18. 47


    در 3:40 pmgilda میگوید:salam man 2sale ba yeki datsum ghararemun ham ezdevajeama hala ke ishun sharayetesho dare mige ke mitarse ezdevaj koneaz masooliateshmitarseaz yetaraf kheili dusesh daram az ye taraf vaghan nemiudnam bayad chikar konam

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