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Hi friends! It’s time to be inspired! :]

THE PROMPT // Today’s Inspiration Workshop! prompt may be my most favorite ever! Today we’re linking up with our favorite DIY post ~ maybe it’s a link to one you wrote, maybe it’s a link to your top 5 favorite DIYs. Whatever you choose to share, please know I’m SO EXCITED to check them out. And don’t forget — past Inspiration Workshop! prompts can also be revisited later for an extra dash of motivation.

Whenever I’m in a creative lull I like to dream up *easy* DIY post ideas and then share them here. Below are some of my favorite posts — things I’ve shared already but are too fun to let go of…

Share with us? What is your favorite DIY post — something you wrote or found?

Share your blog post with us by linking up below. You have until Sunday to share your FAVORITE DIY :]

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

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    Thank you Susan your comments are much aperacipted.I still find it amazing that we have the source of inspiration within us all the time! So when it appears that we are inspired by something new, we can know that what is really going on. Our mind is quietening down dropping the busy thinking that occupies it so much and the inner source is revealed, like the sun from behind the clouds.

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