{Blog Sugar — see the video!}

Blog Sugar 2011 from jakfoto productions on Vimeo.

Yay — a video from Blog Sugar! This is the best way for me to share the experience with all of you :] Which is exciting!!! I know Rachel is exhausted from planning the event, but I’m pretty positively sure we’re all secretly hoping she’s going to plan another one for 2012!!!

Sigh… It was so lovely and amazing and inspiring and fun and encouraging to be a part of it.

Thank you again Rach! xoxo

PSSST! look at sections 0:23 and 1:12 of the video — tee hehe! ;]

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    how fun! the video does a great job of capturing blog sugar… and totally making me wish i had gone! i spotted some of my fave bloggers! i kept seeing some of my fave ladies talk about gussy, so i had to come and see what you were all about! of course i am now following… and maybe one day i can attend a blog conference, too!

  2. 5


    Ha! I feel like such a celebrity stalker, lol! I kept saying….oh there’s Emmy from MAAY and there’s Casey! and there’s so and so and so and so and so and so…..

    Hi my name is Kristina,
    and I’m addicted to blogging.

    said it.

    and now that I’ve seen your stellar headbands actually in video I’m gonna have to get me one….now to pick which one….

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    you looked so professional in the video! glad to see you had fun though, it looks so magical! I only wish they did more things like this over in the UK!


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