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    I can’t sew to save my life! I have a machine my MIL gave me and have yet to work with it. I love your room. Rooms that the sun shines through like that just make me so happy! :)

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    It looks soo wonderful! I so wish I had a sewing room. expeially one so wonderfully sunshine filled as yours :)
    looks like a wonderful sanctuary :)


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    I don’t have my own sewing room, but I have a small area in our bedroom that I love. Its not much, but holds everything I need since I just started! I’m sure I will be doing a lot this winter when we finally move in December to Minneapolis!

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    Changing things up? Your table looks like mine. I have two sergers and a Bernina that my friend has loaned me plus my old machine and the new one from your giveaway. I have five machines in a little corner of my sewing area. The old machine and the Bernina are about to be taken out, but it’s funny to walk in there and see all the machinery!

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