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Have you heard of Piccola Magazine? It’s a super fab e-zine that “loves small businesses, helping small business owners succeed, and flaunting the fabulous work of small business designers.” AND, they launched their first issue in late-June. Zack & I were asked to contribute, it was so exciting and fun. We were featured in the After Hours section ~ which is dedicated to everything NONwork-related. The article was tagged “Date Night”, and as a small biz owner {who works from home}, I was told to get out of the house and take a break from work by going on a fun date! NO PROBLEM, I thought ;]

On our date, Zack took me to Cafeteria for brunch. We photographed each other getting ready and took a few pictures while on our date. I told Zack he looked snazzy in his plaid shirt; Zack told me my blonde hair was like gold in heaven. Tee he he!

Above are screenshots from the first issue, but you can read our feature by clicking here. Then click on the e-zine cover and the viewer will open. Visit Piccola’s blog / twitter / faceboook.

♥ Thank you to editors Heather & Emily for the fun feature!



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    Cute! I love date nights and after 13 years and four kiddos – they are extra extra special!
    I sew alot of custom items and can testify that is does take a village. Without my good friends here in GA I wouldn’t be able to get done what I do. Not to mention that great man of mine too!

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    I loved the date night post you did on your blog :-)

    Congrats on being included in the e-zine.

    As a new business owner I’m still in the search for more support…{it sounds like I’m bra shopping-lol}, but this site as well as a few others has been super duper helpful!

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    Support here mostly comes from my sisters…I got 3 of them:) And I have two sis-in-laws that are great with encouragement! I’m with Kristina..looking for more online support!
    Congrats on the article:) You are wonder woman!

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    I kept Matt up untill like 2am last night about this very topic. Support. He does support me for sure and is wonderful but I said I think I need a mentor or something along that line. Yes, my business it doing really well, but I think there is more to it and room to grow. In reality though I think I will have to wait until my 4yr old goes to school next year until I can really have the time to network the way I would like to. I would love to be able to comment all the blogs I love but with 5 busy kids I just do NOT have the time.

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    Cute post! We’re going to soon be a family of four, so alone time with the hubs is becoming even more precious :) My husband is SO supportive of me running my etsy shop. He helps me set goals, BIG ones and smaller ones. He also doesn’t mind when my crafting supplies being scattered all over the house :)

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    This is so neat Gussy! When I have more time (when I am not working) I will sit and go through the whole e-magazine, I skimmed it already! :)

    How do you get featured in magazines? I think it’s amazing!! Having one of my products featured in a magazine seems crazy, I couldn’t imagine that. I always think it’s for “famous” people! Haha! I think (and I am sure most would agree) that you are famous in the blogger world so this makes sense! :) Have a great day! :)


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