{Inspiration Workshop! — week #12, the front porch}

{waves} Good Morning! Since there are so many inspirational, wonderful, crafty, BEAUTIFUL ideas and projects out there {ahem, thanks to *YOU*}, I thought it would be just marvelous to have a linky party each week where we show off some of these great finds through a photo post! The photos can be found online or taken by you ~ which may just be the best part about the I.W.!, which was a huge part in me starting this workshop back in June. Each Thursday we gather right here to share/link up our blog posts, which are products of the week’s prompt.

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This week’s prompt is THE FRONT PORCH, which is perfect for this time of year. So tell me — do you live on your Front Porch, or does it collect cobwebs? ;] Or maybe your “Front Porch” is really your backyard because you have a peaceful, countryside view and you can be found sitting out there nightly? Whatever your take is, I’m glad you’re here to link up and click through the other link-ees.

Over the weekend, Bauer and I sat on our front porch. It was seriously a gorgeous day, the sky was filled with puffy clouds, the trees were blowing in the breeze, the sun was shining, and the neighborhood was full of chatter & play. So, it only seemed natural for us to head out to the porch and hang out. I grabbed my book, a tall glass of water, and out we went :]

Soon enough four boys show up at the corner near our house for a quick game of catch. Bauer was just enamored with this game and would not take his brown eyes off of their baseball. I thought it was pretty cute of my pup ;]

And here are some photos of four GORGEOUS front porches, any one would do just fine! ;]

SHARE WITH US: what 5 things would you want on your front porch?

Here’s my list: a pitcher of lemonade, my dreamy man {tee hehe}, a comfy porch swing, a summer breeze & our family around us.

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  1. 1


    Love that yellow porch! We kinda call them verandahs over here though :)
    My five things would be: pillows, good books, friends & family, a scrabble board, & homemade lemonade!

  2. 5


    My five things would be: my hubby, my furball, a pitcher of lemonade, a crochet hook with yarn and my salvation. I’m still learning how to crochet so a naughty word slips out every now and then. ;)

  3. 7


    Love your porch ideas!
    If I had a great porch, I’d definitely want to have my girlfriends over for some margaritas and some good conversation!

  4. 9


    Thanks for hosting the party Gussy! I linked up our side porch that we recently refreshed. Once the weather gets a *little* more bearable, it will be my very favorite place. One of the simple joys in life: sitting on your porch, breathing deeply, and watching the world go by!

  5. 10


    mmm…gotta have COMFY chairs, a place that’s always shady just in case it’s too hot, an outdoor ceiling fan, a good book & ppl to share my porch with. :) that’s a perfect porch in my opinion!

  6. 11


    Thanks for featuring me on the Inspiration Workshop newsletter! :) The five things I would want on my front porch are my husband, our dog, a cool drink in the summer or a warm drink in the winter, my book and my knitting. I loved “Water for Elephants” — hope you liked it too!


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