{girls night out ~ the orchard art house}

On Thursday of last week, I really seriously truly contemplated not putting on a skirt to meet up with some of my girlies. Some times getting out of the house, no matter how important it is, is one of the hardest things to do for myself. Working from home makes me want to STAY at home in the evenings & on weekends to enjoy the house as my home, verses as the house my business is run out of. Do you feel like that too ~ ever?! {bites fingernails} I realize that may sound so silly but that is how my brain thinks a lot of the time.

But, I shoved those just-stay-at-home thoughts in the laundry basket as I quickly changed clothes and ran out of the house to meet up with Chris Ann of LoveFeast Table, Cate of Wild Ruffle, Noemi of Noemi Photography, Jennifer with Stella & Dot {and her friend Amy}.

My friends and I met at The Orchard Art House, which is the *adorable* workshop + art house/boutique run by erin kate of ekate designs and together we shopped AMAZING art made by ekate designs + her friends. There was this adorbs piece made by Ashley Barlow that I couldn’t snag fast enough, when I went back to buy it it was gone!

Isn’t her website so cute [above] ?! Erin Kate’s art house and designs are even cuter, though — for sure! :] That night I bought two charms, one that reads Joy and another that shows a tiny map of Minneapolis ~

Us girls — we found so many fun things to look at / play with / giggle over. Just look at all of the pretty things we saw that evening ~

Aside from alllll the beautiful & inspiring finds on display, this evening out with friends really showed me that time with friends is one of the most important gifts I can give myself. I’m really thankful for the girls I spent Thursday evening with ~ especially the conversation we shared over a meal after the boutique party. That night the LORD reminded me He knows just what I need, all the time… which is so comforting.

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    i too find it hard to get out sometimes. i’ve always been a home-body and that’s why i like to work from home…that being said, i never regret pushing myself out the door to meet up with my girlfriends. The older I get, the more i realize the importance of this. We love to encourage each other to persue our goals and to give each other a kick in the #$*! when we’re feeling unmotivated! Someitmes, when i don’t want to get out, i invite them to my home where we do something crafty together. That’s fun too!

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      for me, working from home has made me a homebody — but it’s not really something i wanted to become. since i work from home my co-workers are my employees… i am the boss so there really aren’t co-workers. i’ve found that working from home means my friends must come from outside sources: local events, church, my friends’ friends, hubby’s co-workers, etc.

      it’s almost like working from home means you’re in a secret society, except it’s not so much a fun secret society, hah!

      i take this as a challenge for me to try and overcome it :)

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    That looks like a real BLAST! I am the opposite, maybe it’s because I have kids I stay at home with, but I am always itching to GET OUT!!!
    Yay for girly times!

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    Tara says

    I work from home and can totally relate to the drive to stay at home – the more I’m home, the more I don’t want to leave!

  4. 7


    That is a lesson I learn over and over. I tend to be a homebody if I’ve fallen into the habit. My hubby and I are still pretty alone in our new city (with a few friends, but they all work), and I struggle with having the blues. But when I hang out with friends (or sometimes even a good Skype chat with my sister), I feel rejuvenated. So glad to hear how the Lord encouraged you, friend! :)

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      i need to remember this is just a season i’m in, where i have to try harder to have a busy social life because *I* have to be the one to plan it. this is something i’ve struggled with for for a while. it’s not as easy as college when your close friends were just a street away. i feel like my close friends are in Michigan, where we used to live (we’re in Minnesota now), and when we left MI we left everything we had, including friends.

      thanks for the comment, erin :) you’re sweet! xoxo

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        I feel the same…my best friends are all 1,100 miles away!! And for me, its been hard to connect, especially now that I have a daughter and another on the way! Life changes so much when you’re in your twenties!! lol – I’ll be praying for you to continue to feel encouraged…its tough being away from home! <3

  5. 10


    The effort is it takes to plan ahead, find someone to look after the kids, get ready, and then find my way to the right place at the right time…nearly impossible. But, I’m reminder that every time I do it…why I make the effort. My lady friends give me so much joy! And finding God in the center of our conversation has lasting effects – on everyone present.

    I need someone to remind me of this the next time I feel lazy!

  6. 12


    Oh, that looks like a fun place!
    Friends are definitely one of the greatest gifts from God! I don’t get to see my college girlfriends often, but whenever I do my heart just feels a bit better!

  7. 14


    You are such a positive inspiration to SO MANY! I love reading your blog and seeing your joy in life. God bless you and your ruffly business!

  8. 15

    Raine says

    I am so glad that you got out and hung with good friends and had a great time. We all need that. We can’t keep giving and not take care of ourelves or things start being to lopsided in or lives. Have a great day!

  9. 18


    that looks like so much fun! i’ve had the same experience in the past week of just being overwhelmed by sweet friendships…SUCH gifts from the Lord!

  10. 19


    i know what you mean. i don’t wanna leave either, and i am not a homebody either. when my kids were little was i itching to get out of the house all the time. i had to learn to love being home and that wasn’t easy. it was a time of sifting that’s for sure.

    the pics are adorable!

  11. 20


    i can totally relate you!! I married into the military and I’m far away from all my family and friends. So I naturally want to stay at home with the hubby! There are times where I just yearn for times with my girlfriends, but it can’t happen. :-( it also doesn’t help that we live in a small town and there’s nothing fun to do!! Lol but I learn to really value my friends when I go back to visit them. This post makes me want to get dressed up and go out to town!

  12. 21


    being a homeschooler I know what you mean; i’ve gone a week without getting out of the house before {that was a B-A-D week, ha}. getting out with your friends is one of the best things of life. :)

  13. 24


    I am a total homebody – I actually find myself getting irritated if I know I have to go somewhere, i.e. grocery store, dentist etc. But you’re right, it’s important to feed our souls and nourish our friendships. You’ve inspired me – I’m having my gal pals over this Friday night and I’m going to cook them a fabulous meal. I guess that still keeps me at home, but surrounded with my girls. If you’re in the Southern California neighborhood, stop by! :)

  14. 25


    I think my biggest thing is that I tried desperately to hang on to my “besties” from college after getting married. But we slowly started to disperse over the country and staying in contact is becoming harder and harder. I’ve committed to loving on one of them each week – a card, phone call, skype date, etc. But am now asking God to show me who He has put in my life for this season of friendship. Once I opened my hand to what He had the friendships started pouring in – or at least my eyes were opened to them. Friendships that have surprised me. Friendships that I almost missed. I’m slowly learning to embrace the new season and realize that my “family” is enlarging!

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