{answering YOUR questions, parts 2, 3 + 4}

…Better late than never, right? {Don’t hate me for not recording these until yesterday!!!} I’m here with parts 2, 3 + 4 to answering YOUR questions on anything relating to my business or blog. Here’s my post on part 1 in case you missed it –wink! And can I share something with you? I tried to record these like 8 different times, honest! But my thoughts weren’t coming out of my mouth correctly and I was stuttering and sweating {what?} and I looked like a dork. So I held off… until now. I hope you enjoy watching them, tee hehe :]

answering YOUR questions, part 2 from gussy sews on Vimeo.

answering YOUR questions, part 3 from gussy sews on Vimeo.

answering YOUR questions, part 4 from gussy sews on Vimeo.

+ Hire Blog Help eBook {hiring/being a virtual assistant}
+ Etsy vs. Big Cartel {the business of handmade}
+ Allora Handmade — thanks for the encouragement to wear my product! love you girl ♥
+ Allison of O My Family holds my hand on airplanes ;]
+ Bend the Rules Sewing – my favorite book!

Hey Cathy – in video #3, I have a question for you! You asked me to share advice on those “starting out running an indie biz shop or blog”, but I’m hoping you can be a little more specific so I can answer your question :] If you’re reading Kathy & you submitted that question, please leave a comment below that’s a little more specific. I would LOVE to answer your question but I’m not sure where to start. THANK YOU!


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    GUSSY- I was so excited to hop on the computer and tell you this! I was dropping my little guy off at daycare this morning and I saw another mom carrying a “Gussy” bag and we struck up a convo about how wonderful your tote bags are!!! Your bags are everywhere!! It’s amazing girl! LOVE THEM! Have a great day – XOXO

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    friend why are you nervous? it’s just us, your blogging friend! any vid you make will showcase off your amazing talent & hard work you put into Gussy.
    there, you should be encouraged now, haha! ;)

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      i can brag because we rent, but THIS HOUSE IS AWESOME — so thank you :) at first i wasn’t sure how to decorate, but i’m finding a lot of layers and colors go so well with all the hardwood accents & built-ins. you rock, barbara ;) thanks for the comment!

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    Aw, Gus, these are so cute. I’m laying here in bed watching your videos (too much info? Ha.) before I get up for the day. A sweet way to start my day seeing your smile. Loved what you had to say about living away from family, getting plugged in to a church and being in that place and season for a reason. I have definitely found those things to be true for us living thousands (and thousands and thousands) of miles from most of our friends and all our family.

    • 13


      hey lindsay! yes, there is never a mistake in where we are & why. it’s easy to forget ~ i know, but it’s so important to remember. thanks for the comment ;)

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    HannahBee says

    If you are thinking about starting a handmade business, how do come up with a good name and where do you start it? Etsy of Big Cartel? Thank you!

  5. 15


    Thank you for answering my question!! You nailed it on the head! My hubby has work friends, but I stay home with my kiddo, so its been kind of a weird balance. But we have had a lot of success lately in making friends, and (weird as it may sound) it is nice to know that it takes other people a *while* to get settled in. :) Its actually been a little bit of a blessing in disguise because the extra time I have has been spent on my biz and it has grown a little! :) So yay!

    Thank you for the encouragement!!! xoxoxoxoxo

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    Allison in Louisiana says

    I hope this isnt weird but…I just have to say that I love your accent! It is adorable!
    Great vlog! :) You inspire so many of us (even those with a blog)…keep up the great work!

  7. 18


    You are just so darn cute and inspirational and honest. I love it! I love your videos. I’m really inspired to actually start {& hopefully finish} a sewing project today. I have a lot of trouble with tension, and I like to think I have patience, but after a while of things not going well, it’s so easy to just throw in the towel.

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      hi lacey! do you know which spool thread has the off-tension? top or bottom? email me if you have questions and i’ll see if i can help :] gussy AT gussysews DOT com


  8. 21

    Hannah M. says

    I just recently found your blog and love it already! I really enjoyed watching the videos, and hearing your answers. I’m new to sewing and love it so far. I made my first shirt and it was actually wearable which to me means it was a success! I’m also interested in starting a blog but I’m still deciding what I want my niche to be. Thanks for all the tips and inspiration!



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