{YUM! — a super tasty Minneapolis kitchen & bakery.}

A little while back, Zack and I had brunch at a new place, yum! I had been there once before and absolutely L O V E D their food. They make a tasty grilled cheese ~ muenster & cheddar on challah ~ and the portions are perfectly plump, which I knew Zack would appreciate. Sometimes it’s hard to convince Z to try a “healthier” brunch location {the man loves a greasy diner!} because the portions can be teeny tiny {and $$$}, but Zack is my rock star hubby and 90% of the time he winks! at me, then says YES to my request :]

So off to yum!we went. We even brought our pup with us. Bauer was so good — he took his morning nap outside while we ate and told each other secrets. Just kidding on the secrets, hah!

But Bauer really did take a nap…

HAPPY FRIDAY, yay! What are your plans for the weekend?!

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    Hey Gussy! Our plans for the weekend are having my parents over for a good ole’ souther dinner. Fried chicken, corn on the cob, tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers from the garden and a blackberry pie with berries picked from our farm. AND as I type this, my hunny has just handed me a plate of pancakes with fresh peaches and berries and BACON. What a great way to start the weekend! :)

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    Our whole little family will be together this weekend after some time away! The weather will be hot so some time by the pool with an iced coffee will surely happen! I think I’ll sneak in some sewing as well! Happy weekend to you!

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    Cathy K says

    Our weekend includes a 16 hour drive in a van with 3 kids (one being a 7 month old) so we can head over to the east coast for our vacation!!! Can’t wait :)

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    Ashley says

    Awesome bakery, I love cute places like that. I’m going to a cute beach town called Macatawa in Holland Mi with my best friend from hs. Super excited to just get on the beach and relax w my 3 month old. It will b his first time on vacay but im sad hubby has to work and can’t come along.

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    That place looks adorable! Wish we had more places like that around here.

    My weekend plans all depend on my car…if it is going to cost an arm & leg to get somewhat reliable, then I’ll probably be working on that & being a homebody. If not, then I’m thinking of going to our fair with the in-laws tomorrow. Really hoping I can go to the fair!

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    Aww, you make me want to move to Minneapolis!
    Taking our little chickadee to see her first movie this weekend…Harry Potter…just joking, she’s 2 and VERY excited to see Winnie the Pooh. May grab brunch at our favorite little french bistro as a nod to Gussy! We may even let her take a nap under the table.

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    work, chill, enjoy my Gussy giveaway winnings that I got this week (yay!) and dream of the Gussy I just splurged on in the latest print ;-) lookin to be a good one! =D

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