{What I Wore Wednesday — week #20}

Helloooo there! I’m linking up with Lindsey for What I Wore Wednesday, a super fun way to show off the outfits you wore each week {and hopefully they aren’t PJ outfits!}. I kind of accidentally took a few weeks off… but I’m back! ;]

Yesterday was my BIRTHDAY — yayyyyy!, so Zack took me on a fun date after work. We started at The Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner…

Zack brought my presents to the restaurant, which was so cute! He gave me seriously the sweetest card, an aromatherapy candle {love}, a cuuute set of PJ’s ;], a gift card to Barnes & Noble, a new pair of sunglasses, fresh caramel corn {this man KNOWS me!}. And Bauer made me a card that totally had me laughing out loud. Everything was perfect ♥.

And then somehow we ended up getting ice-cream, wink!. And I looooove ice-cream. Sebastian Joe’s is a local shop and each day they have new flavors to choose from. Yesterday I got raspberry chocolate chip, yum! Zack picked out their version of Oreo ice-cream.

It was sooooo good {and so warm outside} that I had to eat it right away.

Then I got a little silly and decided to show off my pretty pink nail polish + ring to Zack ;] This man… he is so fun and it doesn’t take much for him to make me laugh. I’m smitten.

This was such a fun birthday date! Italian food + ice-cream + my man… and a little stop at the end to this local boutique:

{more details coming soon!}

striped dress + peach tank, Target – sandals, Old Navy – headband, Gussy Sews – purse, Jo Totes

pleated poppy

Share with us — What is something FUN you have planned for today {or this week}?

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  1. 2


    Once again, I love your taste! I just ordered that same Jo Totes bag on Sunday night! Was it your b-day gift from the husband? You look super cute as usual. Glad to hear you had a great birthday! :)

  2. 10


    You and Zack are seriously adorable! What a great example of a loving marriage. :) My fun this week is a pool party with old friends on Friday, it should be awesome.

  3. 12


    What a fun date! I love the Old Spaghetti Factory – so affordable. I have so many pictures from that big red couch you are sitting on. :) And Sebastian Joe’s is always tasty – I love their Pistachio ice cream! Happy Birthday!

  4. 14


    Hey I live in Minneapolis, too! I love Sebastian Joe’s but I live in north so I don’t head over there too often. There is a few cafe up here that serves a few flavors of Sebastian Joe’s.. its great! :) Happy birthday yesterday! :)

  5. 18


    I’ve GOT to link up to these posts! I’m staying home with my son full time and running my etsy shop and it’s been hard adjusting to this lifestyle from my job that I just left (where I got to wear my cute shoes and skinny jeans every day). It’s really inspiring to see other women who work from home and have families dressing up and wearing their cute shoes–it definitely gives me inspiration to get out of my pj’s every day ad put on something cute!

  6. 20


    I love me some OSF =) AND, you both got my top two very very very favorite ice cream flavors! I always get the Raspberry Choc Chip (without fail. always) and usually I add a scoop of Oreo too =) It’s SOOOOO yum!!

  7. 23


    What a fun birthday! And I love that store you pictured at the bottom – the majority of my nursery decorations were purchased from there. :)

  8. 26


    LOVE!! Your outfit AND your smile via hubby humor :) That is the best.

    Also I die of that local boutique. I need to visit <3

    Hope you had the BEST fourth of July,
    Sara Sophia

  9. 30

    Zack says

    Ooh girl, you’re super cute. Happy birthday, Maggs, I love you.

    BTW, everyone, little secret: Today is her birthday too (two). :P

  10. 35


    You look so darling! I’ve only been to the old spaghetti factory a couple times but hmmm hmmm hmmm does it ever hold a dear spot in my heart! Happy Birthday again!

  11. 38


    Seriously Gussy, you two are the cutest couple I think I have ever seen! I see so much love between you! Stay that way forever! :)

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