{sunshine really is the best medicine.}

every day for the past week or so i’ve headed outside once late-afternoon hits. i bring a tall glass of water, a book, my towel and my pup. after a crazy day of work, constantly “running” from one task to the next, checking things off my list, completing projects, answering questions {asking questions!}, time outside in the sun is the perfect fix :] i like to think of it as a check, check! for me… not only do i use this time to regroup, {uhhh, if you work from home then i know you know what this means.} but i’ve also been using this time to quickly turn into the summer babe that zack can’t resist. tee hehe!

sometimes i bring iced-coffee outside with me, most of the time i wear my bathing suit, most of the time i play in the sprinkler ~ for real. sometimes i talk on the phone with friends. but, i always use this time to clear my mind while watching bauer chase little white butterflies in the yard in between page turns. i read a book; bauer lays under a bush and watches the nice people walk by with their doggies. after a bit, i call bauer to come inside with me, clean up, and then i start dinner just as zack’s walking in the door.

what i’m really trying to say is that sunshine really is the best medicine ~ it’s the best cure for a busy day of work… and i love it.

how do you cure a busy day of work? what kind of things do you do to regroup, to relax, to help yourself to a fresh start the next day?

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      oh yes, nap time! i have a friend with 5 little ones, and every day they have quiet time in their rooms for 2 hours. i think that’s so important! not only do the tiniest ones sleep, but the older ones learn how to be creative, how to play alone, how to dream, how to be quiet and maybe even take a snoozer! nap time/quiet time … we all need it. XO

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    We are going through insane heat right now here in Texas, so going outside is not the best idea for us…but like Heather above said, I use my daughter’s nap time or after she’s gone to bed {by 7:30! yes!} to relax. I usually read a book, watch a fav program I have DVRed, or simply sit and talk with my hubby. Sometimes the stress is bigger than my attempts to relax, but most of the time, I can go to bed relaxed. :)

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    If only we weren’t experiencing horrible heat & humidity, then that would be just the way I would want to spend the day. My pups don’t even want to be outside longer than they have to right now, which is very rare.

    There are so many ways I unwind (some which others might not find very relaxing). I love to just sit & close my eyes as I listen to whatever music on my iPod I find relaxing at the moment (usually Norah Jones or She & Him). Sometimes I curl up in my chair & work on sudoku problems. I also like to curl up with a good Mary Higgins Clark book & get lost in the suspense. But since I work a zombie desk job, one of the best ways for me to release from the work day is to just sit & be creative.

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    first of all, you’ve got good taste in books. second of all, i love your bathing suit from the little snatch of it that i can see. to unwind after a long day i go to the gym and then home for a yummy dinner and a glass of wine. perfection! :-)

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    Gussy girl! I’m reading that book too! I’m loving it so far. I like to relax by reading blogs or watching a few netflix episodes of Reba. And of course recently, playing with my new sewing machine :)

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    I agree that sunshine is the best medicine! :) I love to go sit outside in the afternoon with my kids. (When they wake up from their nap.) :) I too work from home and I look forward to getting outside with them each day before our dinner time. I just hope the weather stays nice so we can enjoy these afternoons outdoors for a long time! :)

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    I agrre!!! I LOVE being in the sun! Don’t get out as much I want though. I am starting to think I need to hire someone:/ Wouldn’t even know where to start. BTW-a little tan does make those men drool:))))

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    i couldn’t agree more! it’s a hard balance when you work from home. it can be so amazing, but you really have to pry yourself away or else you’ll never take a break! also, the summer goes by so fast. so relishing in the small moments in between makes all the difference. xo

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    I am not a morning person, but neither are my kids which means that if I can seem to wake myself up I can get a lot done while they are still bleary-eyed. By the time afternoon hits, they are ready to go so we tend to go outside or go to the local pool to “run out the dingbats” as my husband likes to say. Any chance I have to pick up a book is a “regroup” time for me. Right now I’m reading the Trylle trilogy by Amanda Hocking which I MUST recommend.

    Have an awesome day!

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    My favorite part of the day is the three minutes when I first walk in the door and get to give my husband a big bear hug while the dogs wrestle around our feet because they are so excited their momma is home! It always relaxes me just enough to appreciate that feeling of being at home, in a safe place, every evening. Such a blessing!

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    Oh I LOVE it!
    “Turning into a SUMMER BABE that Zack can’t RESIST!!!!!”
    LOVE it!
    SUNSHINE….love it too!
    You know my favorite smell is COPPERTONE!
    Squirt it on…everyday…rain or SHINE!
    Buaer is so lucky to have such a FUN mommy!

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    I love re-grouping in the morning before my days gets started–it’s nice to have about a half an hour before my kiddo wakes up when I’m not exhausted from a long day to sit with the windows open, sip my coffee and maybe read a little or journal or catch up on blogs. It’s the best part of my day and I can totally tell the difference when I don’t get this time in the morning.

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    Keoli says

    I read this earlier today, and took your advice this afternoon! I bought my 5 year old a little blow up patio pool for 8.99 at Target and we’re sitting outside as I type this! So fun!

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    This summer has been a big shift for me. Last summer I spent most days outside playing with my kiddos. This summer I spend my mornings sewing and getting orders out. I pick them up early afternoon and get some good outdoor time in. I agree that working from home can easily turn into working around the clock! Good for you to take the time for yourself. :)

    But, with this said, it is about 100 degrees here and I am pretty happy sitting inside in the middle of the afternoon..ha!

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    I love to listen to music or just watch some good trashy tv haha. It kinda lets my mind unwind. Sometimes, If I haven’t designed that day, I will just open up Illustrator and just draw my heart out. It really is when I make my most favorite art.

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