{“GO” is the word of summer. // by Amy}

Today’s post is by Amy — you may know her from her shop, Little Alouette? I heart Amy’s passion for life & family, and how CRAZY she is! And she knows it :] Seeing Amy’s interpretation of summer fun makes me want to skip over to Ohio and spend a week with her…

“I like to have fun in the summer by hanging outside with my family.”

The boys like to live outside in the summer and daddy works inside a hot workshop all day — so evenings are for al fresco dinner and play. We live beside an ice cream joint and a farmer’s market so it’s so hard not to meander down there most weeks.

Summer in Ohio is HOT and we make it FUN by swimming and water play and escaping to the cool library and local museums.

Sometimes we just hop in the car and head down to grandpa’s farm and play in the creek and ride tractors all over the hills.

GO is the word of summer!

Amy Turn Sharp is the crazy mama who runs Little Alouette in Ohio. She is a writer and a blogger and she LOVES the amazing people that she meets in her life. She wants to have an essay on NPR someday.

Amy wrote, “sometimes we just hop in the car and head down to grandpa’s farm”. Do your grandparents live on a farm? Do they live in the city? What kind of memories do you have with them from the summer months?

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    thankfully I have awesome memories of my grandparents and three of them are still alive (which means they get to be a part of MY kiddos lives)!

    My favorite memories of my grandparent’s house {my dad’s mom and dad} is spending the night at their house one week a year while my parents went on vacation. My grandfather taught me how to ride a bike without training wheels.

    I used to spend the night at my maternal grandmother’s house all the time as a child. She is a cake decorator and I used to make the frosting for her cakes in her shops. I also had my first job waiting tables in her coffee shop. ;-)

    What about you, Gussy?

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    Oooh my grandparents lived on a farm; many memories of picnics under the pecan trees and homemade pancakes on Saturday mornings! And playing in the irrigation ditch, and chasing frogs in the evening, and making discoveries in their gigantic barn. Great post; brought back some wonderful memories!!

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