{Inspiration Workshop! — week #4, spend the day playing}

Welcome to week #4 of the Inspiration Workshop!. Each Thursday we meet here to share our interpretation of the week’s prompt. It’s been so fun to find new blogs and share inspiration/encouragement. Makes my ruffly heart so super happy!

The prompt ~

This week’s Inspiration Workshop! prompt is “spend the day playing”. I am making more of an effort sit & relax outside, explore new parks with Bauer, and tour this amazing city we live in: Minneapolis! Do you have a dream vacation that involves a lot of play? Maybe your favorite way to spend the day playing is with your kids? Or maybe you play by going out with your girls for a marathon chatting + coffee date? All of those “ways to play” sound amazing to me :]

My inspiration ~

Having Bauer as a part of our family has been amazing in ways we couldn’t have even dreamed of. Dogs are so special — I now look at Bauer and recognize the different expressions he wears, what they mean and whether he wants to play or snooze. One of my favorite ways to spend the day playing is by exploring with Bauer: walks around our neighborhood or a short game of backyard catch {he gets distracted, hah!}.

Another way I like to spend my day playing is by making Bauer sit like a handsome pup for little photo shoots. Bauer learned “stay” because I needed him to sit still while I stepped back to take his photo. mmmm, don’t judge.

A couple of weeks ago Zack and I celebrated 3 years of marriage. We stayed overnight in Stillwater, MN and spent Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday holding hands, eating outside and laughing. I LOVED IT because it’s the best reflection of our relationship. Zack is my pal… I think he is amazing, and spending time with him is one of my favorite ways to pass time ♥.

Now it’s your turn!

I hope you’ll join the linky party below with your interpretation of “spend the day playing”. Please visit the 2 thumbnails listed above yours and say hello by leaving a comment. You never know what kind of inspiration you’ll stumble upon for a future project ;]

♥ If you’re on twitter, let’s connect by using the hashtag #inspirationworkshop

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

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  1. 1


    Fun, fun, Gussy! Dogs are truly special people… er, you know. I have two and love them about as much as my human children. Probably mostly because they don’t talk back… *wink*. I think your little Bauer is most adorable :-)

  2. 2


    Bauer is so cute! My husband and I have two dogs–Ralphie and Murphy…they are so fun! Now that we have them, I can’t imagine life without them. It’s crazy how pets become part of the family so easily.

  3. 8


    Hello, I’m your #745 follower. This is my first time to link up to ‘inspiration.’
    Thanks for hosting a great link up.
    I am new to your blog and am loving it!

  4. 13


    thanks for hosting another week…i didn’t realize we both had our pups on our minds this week until after i blogged, linked up and then saw all your sweet pics of bauer! love the one of him laying on the lawn.


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