{What I Wore Wednesday — week #16}

It’s time for What I Wore Wednesday, brought to us by Lindsey of the Pleated Poppy :] This week I made a huge effort to snap some pics of my outfits. My mornings go by super quick, and that’s the only time during the whole day I have to take pictures of myself. Hah!

It’s been fun to do WIWW — if you don’t link up with Linds yet you must!!! ♥

Purple floral shorts are from Target, purple tank is from Gap, engagement & wedding rings are from Zack ;]
{Everyone say hi to Bauer in the doorway…}

Blue & white striped dress and peach tank, both from Target ~

Skinny jeans, peach shirt and peach tank — all from Target {where else, right?!} ~

This week’s question [it’s a serious one]: Are you signed up for my new Inspiration Workshop? The first newsletter will be emailed this Friday — hope you’re on the list! Remember there are no rules/requirements/skills needed to participate — just a love for feeling inspired! Click the link above for more info; a sign up box is in the right sidebar. xoxo

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  1. 1


    Man I wish I lived closer to Target. I love your clothes. I am signed for the inspiration workshop. I can’t wait for it to start!

  2. 3


    I’ve seriously got to make more trips to the big city to visit Target! The shortness of those clothes looks super cute on you. My short days are long gone. Ha!

  3. 4


    Very cute:) I am sooo close to joining you girls. I have always hated having my pic taken, but lately I have been sharing a little of myself on FB. So cute to see how you look everyday!

  4. 5


    Yes! I am signed up and stoked for the upcoming inspiration workshop.

    I love WIWW, but I didn’t snap any pics this week *insert frowny face here*

    I’m still trying to get up the gumption to wear skinny jeans….;-)

  5. 8


    I love the striped dress the most! :) Did that belt come with it?

    I’m signed up for the inspiration workshop and i cannnooooot wait to get my first assignment this friday! :)

  6. 16


    I love Bauer peeking through the screen door, tee hee. :)
    You must be getting nicer weather than I am. I was wearing capris yesterday and a sweatshirt today! Oh well.
    And whaaaaaat? You look ah-mazing in peach!

  7. 18


    You look so cute in that mini dress!!! And I don’t know how much you like it but peach looks very good on you. Have a wonderful day! :)

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