{saturday craft: decorative earring display}

I must preface this post and share that Lindsay and I have been friends for YEARS! Like, 2 years :] Back when we were living in Michigan ~ we connected online and have been friends since. Actually, Linds sent me a hilarious email and right then I knew we were meant to be ♥. Lindsay lives in Georgia with her fam. and I’m constantly jealous of her warmer weather [and the longer season of warmer weather]. Anyways. Linds is my pal and I’m super happy she’s here to guest post this *super cute* DIY. xoxo!

Hi, I’m Lindsay of Paint Me A Picture. Pleased to meet you.
I like to paint. I mean, I really like to paint.

When I am not chasing around my two year old, making my nine month old giggle, or spending time with Mr.Wonderful you will find me in my studio, a.k.a. my kitchen, creating my art.

Today I am here with Gussy doing what I like so much, painting art for your walls.
Instead of painting on canvas though, I am going to show you how to paint a frame and create some functional art.

make it yourself:

1. supplies: old frame paint, brush, box cutter, stapler, scissors, scrap fabric
2. remove glass and cardboard backing from frame and paint
3. using a box cutter, remove the center of the cardboard backing of the frame
4. cut out a square of fabric, enough to wrap about an inch around the edge of the cardboard backing
5. & 6. stretch fabric over cardboard backing and staple fabric around the edges
7. 8. & 9. this is what you get  (I am a visual learner, can you tell?)
10. wrap wire around a portion of the fabric covered cardboard
11. cut ends of wire and twist wire tightly to keep it in place
12. insert fabric covered backing into frame
13. tada! you have a pretty place to display your earrings

♥ want step-by-step pics?

This little project took about 20 minutes, but you could save a little time using spray paint to paint the frame. I hope you enjoy creating some function art for your walls!


Share with us:
What would you hang from your decorate display? Earrings, or something else??

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  1. 1

    Terri R says

    Love this craft!!! A little tip, if don’t have a favorite antique shop nearby, try Ross/Marshalls/T. J. Max!!! The clearance section of frames is a great place to find inexpensive frames. Most of the time they are on clearance b/c of broken glass or chipped frames. A chipped frame would look great with some vintage fabric, like an old hanky, and some crackle paint! I can’t wait to make mine!

  2. 11


    this is awesome! i will be using red spray paint, or white and paint on cherry blossoms. i really need an earring holder so i would use it for that :)

  3. 12

    Jennifer says

    I absolutely LOVE those rose earrings and have been looking for some. Do you mind sharing where you got them?

  4. 16

    Julie says

    Just found your site through Life is SEW nice with my Two Peas…..have now bookmarked it into my favorites!


  5. 17

    Kate says

    Love this idea. I don’t have many earrings, but I’ve hung my necklaces out as “artwork” for years.
    Found my way here thru Two Peas. Your site is now bookmarked. I’ll be checking back. Thanks for the inspiration.

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