{*new* clutch prints + studio pics}

Hi friends!
A few weeks ago we added a new product to the shop, the Clutch ~ it doesn’t have a wrist strap and it’s larger than our wristlet/clutch. Because of the new size {and super cute rounded corners}, our clutches can take you on a totally new adventure! Sounds fun, right? :]

Right now we have 3 yellow ruffle clutches…

new clutches: Peonies in Pink, Gray & Yellow Floral, Painted Leaves

And 1 turquoise ruffle clutch…

Sweet Alabama clutch.

We introduced the Sweet Alabama print a while back and the response to this item is what MADE me come up with 3 new prints. You’re welcome *wink*.

Remember when I showed you all that can fit inside our wristlet? Click the video below to see!!

2 new Gussy products in our SPRING line — www.shopgussy.com from gussy sews on Vimeo.

Well… you can fit even MORE inside our clutch. Below I have my wallet, iPhone, ear buds, chapstick, keys + sunglasses. You could swap the sunglasses for a small toy for your babe. [Or you could use it for jewelry, so cute!]


I took this pic of my studio this morning ~ do you see all the sunlight pouring in?! Gorgeous! My favorite part of this room is that it has 4 *big* windows. When the weather is nice we have a lot of natural lighting in here… it’s a very fun room to work in :]

Here’s an angle of my Kenmore sewing machine, that I rarely see ~ it sews like an industrial machine! I love it!!! And guess what?!?! Soon I’ll be showing you my new machine {skips around the house}. I can’t wait. You’re going to loooove it. Maybe you’ll want it, for yourself? If so… maybe we can make that happen. *Be sure and come back later to find out what I’m talking about. Tee he he!*

Working with new fabric prints for the shop…

Have I mentioned how much I love this pair of shoes? It’s muh favorite pair. Bought them at Target ♥.

Thanks for touring my studio! :] I feel like it changes as often as the months go by. New pretties to hang on the wall, some times a new structure for how we work…

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  1. 2

    Chelsey says

    Of course I love your clutches, and I love love love your studio! I don’t even do anything remotely crafty, yet you make me want a pretty little studio of my own. :D

  2. 3


    LOVE the sunshine pouring in the windows. If only we could get some of that here. Funny, I spent a great deal of my day organizing and de-crapifying my own studio here. It looks and feels so much better:)
    Have a great night!

  3. 4


    Love the light in your studio – and all the fun colors! I have those shoes – super cute & comfy! I’m getting ready to pull my brand-new sewing machine out of its box tonight – wish me luck! :)

  4. 6


    Okay, first of all my husband will probably want to start reading this because he comes from Minnesota, and although he hasn’t lived there since he went to college, he is a Minnesotan through and through.

    Second, I LOVE how cleared off you sewing table is. Do you keep it that way??? I have to find a new place for my rotary cutters, etc. I would love to have a clean sewing space without anything else on it than my sewing machine.

    • 7


      at the end of the day, yes the sewing table is always cleared off. my girls are great — they keep their work space clean so if i come in to work it’s not a hot mess :]

  5. 10


    I’m trying to catch up here. I lurve your studio. A new machine???? I was wondering when you were going to take the plunge. You aren’t going to believe how much easier sewing will be with a new machine. I have a Kenmore machine, too. It’s around 17 years old and still works like a charm.

    Also love your shoes. I bought a pewter pair at Payless and live in them.

    • 11


      lol, take the plunge?! the machine i have is seriously perfect. i LOVE LOVE it!

      i’m only getting a new machine so i have a second machine. one for me to work on. eeeeek! it’s going to be amazing. y’all are going to FLIP over the news that comes with my new machine ♥!

  6. 14

    tara says

    Love the clutches! And sweet alabama? I think its my favorite. Can’t wait to hear about the new machine.

  7. 18


    I love the studio and the shoes. I wish I could wear shoes like that. My feet are wide at the toes and narrow at the back so if I put a bow on my toes they look like platypus feet LOL thanks for sharing.

  8. 20


    Love the shoes too….and the shirt you have on is from Target too! Like the size of the clutch too. Perfect for carrying around at yard sales or quick errands!

  9. 22


    I’m hoping to be able to learn how to make all kinds of things! I’ll start small (pillow covers with ruffles!) and dream of eventually moving on to slipcovers. I’ve got some sewing books from the library, so hopefully I can figure this out! Now, if only I could sew like you! ;)


  10. 25


    Are you too CUTE or WHAT!!
    I seriously want to come visit you! ;o)
    {Don’t think I’m kidding!} xo
    Love the new products!
    LOVE your turquoise phone! ;o)
    LOVE the mascara I got that you wear!
    {It even smells good!}
    LOVE that SUN beaming into your studio!
    LOVE you Sweet Girl!
    Doogan loves Bauer too! xo

  11. 28

    Christy says

    Hello. Thanks for sharing your studio! It is always fun to see the spaces that others work in.

  12. 29


    I love love love your studio! I am so jealous, right now I am working in a very small space and I just can’t help but to collect materials. So with my growing stash of stuff I really in need of a little more room to move. Thanks for sharing your space.


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