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Hello dear friends — it’s Friday so to keep with the spirit of “I can’t work it’s Friday!” let’s daydream about homes. OK? Sounds like fun to me :] My dream home would be a few minutes from the city with lush green grass all around. In my mind it looks like a 2-story house with all the bedrooms upstairs and a wrap-around porch, and a cute yard in the back for the kiddies. One thing I love about my childhood home is that the upstairs always smells the same — like playtime and daydreams and sunshine pouring in the windows, with a dash of fresh laundry scent. Ask my mom, I often comment how much I love the scent of upstairs :]

Each room in my dream home leads to the other and is very open. There are lots of warm, cozy elements to the home. Blankets and comfy places to sit and read or chat. I also dream of a wall-long bookshelf. Speaking of walls, I see colors like cream or lite lite lite yellow, and hardwood floors with plush rugs/carpet in the bedrooms. I want lots of windows ~ love natural light ~ and I dream of not having to have them covered all the time. In the house we’re renting now there’s 22 windows!!!! Opening the blinds/curtains each morning is a chore. Hah! ♥

A sit-in kitchen would be fun. A craft room tucked away. Plenty of room to play and love.

With Pinterest, it’s so easy to daydream… sigh…

Source: tumblr.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

Source: tumblr.com via Aen on Pinterest

Source: tumblr.com via Aen on Pinterest

What about you? What’s one dream home room look like?

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    This is why I don’t have Pinterest account!! I would spend ALL day dreaming!! This house is amazing!! My dream house would be dark navy blue with crisp white shutters and a bright yellow front door! As for the inside…very similar to yours!

  2. 3

    Jackie says

    I love this post. I have a very similar thought when it comes to my dream home. I thought that was funny. I love the photos you have and all of the colors. Actually, your post made me realize that I haven’t dreamed in a long time like this…so thank you!

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    Maggie! so you’re going to go for 7 kids? Everything you showed works with kids except the living room. I LOVE that kitchen sink. My grandma had a big farmstyle sink and I always asked if I could do dishes just so I could stand up next to the coolness of the porcelain. I love all the kids bedrooms. You’ll need a few washing machines to wash all their clothes. Better add that into your wish list! Have a great weekend.
    Paige W.

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    your dream house sounds wonderful. i’m dreaming of porches lately. i would love one that goes around the whole house not just half of it haha. before my grammy passed we would get in the car and she would drive back roads and we’d look at old farm houses and usually end up on lake michigan. thank you for the memories.

  5. 11

    Cindy says

    Drool. Over everything. Lime green beat-up bedframe, turquoise kitchen floors, the front porch from heaven. LOVE! I am lucky enough to have a clawfoot tub, but did you see the VIEW out of that bathroom window? that tree. Ah-mazing! Happy daydreaming Friday to you!!!

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    I LOVE how bright all the rooms are. THe kids rooms really appeal to me as well. It is kind of funny since my house looks nothing like those pictures.

    • 14


      neither does the house we’re renting now. it’s gorgeous, but it was built in 1900 and has all the original woodwork inside. it’s very brown (but gorgeous) on the inside. i’m really craving white and lighter colors — something for all the natural light to reflect off of better :]

  7. 15

    Emily Langston says

    I think that we have similar taste. Everything you describe would be my dream home too. Bright, clean, and cheerful!

  8. 18


    I love that front porch…it reminds me of growing up in myrtle beach. This is where I’ll be selfish and describe a room just for me. LOL. My dream is to have a room converted into a closet/dressing room. The walls would be white with a hot pink, hand-painted damask print. Bamboo floors with a huge, fluffy white rug. Some original artwork done by my hubby and Lucite furniture. Very white and pink, but the perfect girly room for me!

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    All of these pictures are so dreamy! My dream home is a huge farmhouse in the Texas hill country where you can sit on the wrap around front porch and watch the sunrise in the mornings, the sunset in the evenings, and all the wild animals amble across the yard. It will have a huge kitchen filled with sunshine, a big soaking clawfoot tub in the bedroom, a library where I can keep all my books, and a studio where I can create. It will be on the same patch of land as my father and hopefully my brother and sister-in-law and maybe a couple of friends we are close to and their spouses. I want to ride the four wheeler to see them in the afternoons after I close up shop at the bed and breakfast.

    Obviously I haven’t spent much time thinking about this. *wink*

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    i have that anthro bedding and looooove it. actually, i love all of their bedding cuz its so comfy~ :) I love your choices of color. My dream room would definitely encompass lots of fun bright colors like you’ve shown.

    happy weekend, maggie! :)

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    my dream house will always be a long cabin with exposed beams in the living room, which connects to the kitchen and dining room (basically a great room). it would also have walls that we could paint, but the standard log walls.
    ah, i’m loving this post, maggie!! thanks for inspiring me!

  12. 25


    loved your dream home!! my dream home means white or light blue/grey walls right now. I have straw colored walls. I’m begging hubby to change that for me!

  13. 26


    Seriously. I could totally move in with you. And sidenote … If I ever have my dream photo studio I will share it with you because we have the same style but I super suck at decorating.

  14. 29


    I visited this house once and it had a reading nook. Dark, chestnut colored wood with two benches and shelves, tucked neatly into the side of a hallway. I would definitely comfy mine up a bit with *handmade* throws, quilts and some squooshy pillows, but nonetheless a reading nook.

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