{it’s in the little details.}

The neighborhood we live in is so incredibly friendly, I can hardly stand it. Each day Bauer and I take a walk, and since there’s so much to see we practically explore a new area each time. There’s a pet store nearby, a hair salon, a cafe, a diner, a hardware store, a florist, a market, a barber. A rose garden. Two lakes, miles and miles of streets with lovely houses filled with kind people & pups. Parks, playgrounds. Community houses. More parks. It’s amazing. All of these “places” provide for great content here on my blog.

One thing I want to place greater emphasis on is photography on my blog. Did you know I studied photography in college? It was one of my majors, actually. Yeahhhhh. The years between 2003 and 2008 were filled with a lot of photography. My hands used to smell like fixer. Clothes stained from it. Zack and I used to take a roll of film each time we saw each other in the summer during our dating years ~ I think it’s one of my favorite memories of us :] I feel like those years I immersed myself in the trade were years I was able to really appreciate. Taking time to focus on the little details life birthed me each day…

I remember taking so much time to document a particular “thing” instead of the scene as a whole. I remember saying to people, Trust me, once you see the photo you’ll get it. They didn’t understand at the time what I was trying to capture, but once they saw, they did. I’ve had such a soft spot for photography but these last couple of years I’ve let it harden ~ with all the chaos brought on by unemployment and months of sadness/frustration and moving 600 miles only to start my business, ironically I let something that meant so much slip away. I had given up… Until now.


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    What great photos…looks likens wonderful neighborhood too! Annnnnd, I have those same amazing shoes….same
    Color, I adore them!!

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    Having lived in Minneapolis, I think I just might know what neighborhood you’re talking about…maybe…or maybe not, there are a lot of great ones there. (Sorry, this is starting to sound kind of creepy and that’s so not what I intended.) Anyway, I loved walking with my cousins and their dog in the neighborhood I’m thinking of…and I remember playing on the playground by one of the lakes on more than one date. I’m sure you don’t need suggestions for subject matter, but I always used to love just looking at the houses around there. They have sweet details (my cousins’ has original leaded stained glass) and are beautiful all on their own. :)

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    i love your pictures. your neighborhood looks so cute. i love taking pictures and would love to take classes for it, but i havent.

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    Halelujah, Sister – bring on the photos! I lovelovelove photography and I’m excited to explore your neighborhood with you through your lens!

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