{Giveaway Week ~ celebrating 1 year since quitting my day job [day 5]}

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**Announcing the winners of yesterday’s giveaways: the lovely Catherine won $100 Gussy Sews shop credit, and miss Amy won a pass to Liv Lane’s blog e-course. Yeow! Gals, please email me at gussy(at)gussysews(dot).com. Thank you to everyone that entered!! [xo]

PS. If you didn’t win the e-course but still want to sign-up, use this secret link to save 20% off your order {the e-course would be $70 vs. $88}. Discount is good through June 5th. Yay!

Sewing has turned into an incredible creative, professional and interactive outlet, but when I started sewing in November 2008 I had no clue it would grow to such heights. I was new to the handmade world of Etsy and it seemed like EVERYONE knew how to sew. It took about 30 seconds of daydreaming to realize I needed to join the club, so the next time Zack and I visited my parents for the weekend I asked to borrow their sewing machine. Maggie + Fat Quarters = bffs.

A couple of months passed when I had decided on a name for my products {March 2009}, and so for the next few months after I spent a lot of time fine tuning the brand I had created. Sewing quickly turned into a serious passion. All 30 of the library books I borrowed gave me the boost I needed to confidently sew, and my blog served as a platform to showcase my products and document my journey as things moved forward.

Just a few months after I started sewing, in January & February 2009, my husband and I both lost our jobs. Very unexpectedly. Later that year, in August, we moved from Michigan to Minnesota to pursue the only job offer I received. Once we moved to Minneapolis, MN, it took just 2 short weeks for Zack to receive his first job offer, too. HOR-to-the-RAY!

Once we were settled in our new home in this new city, and the stirring in my heart to sew full-time pressed on, Zack and I decided it was time for me to take the leap towards entrepreneurship {February 2010}. For the next three months we were diligent with saving 3 months of my salary as back-up in case… Ya know. This was a really incredible/powerful time for us.

My first day of work as solo Gussy Sews, on May 17, 2010, was really a surreal day. While I couldn’t have imagined myself living “this life”, I also couldn’t be more thankful for a God that did and so graciously gave it to me.

Each day this week we celebrated my first year on my own, so it seems most appropriate to close out the celebration with this ~

That’s right — two of you will receive a Singer Confidence Stylist sewing machine. Can I get a yeowwwwww???!!!

I’ve been sewing on this machine for a little bit now, and let me tell you this: the Kenmore machine I learned how to sew on is basic, but it’s a workhorse! This Singer machine is a serious upgrade (considering it’s electronic), but what I love the most about this machine is that it has a heavy-duty metal frame.

With all the sewing we do, this is key to our production success.

And two lucky readers will win one! We’ll be like, sewing machine triplets, matchy matchy! *wink*

Guess what else? Look at all the notions the Singer Confidence Stylist comes with {minus the scissors & pin cushion}:

Here’s what you’ll receive:
* 4 BONUS Fashion Accessories (Side Cutter, Darning & Embroidery Foot, Gathering Foot, Even Feed/Walking Foot) Videos of how to use these feet can be found here.
* 70 stitch patterns
* drop & sew bobbin system
* class 15J bobbin
* automatic needle threader
* LCD display with push button stitch selection
* 3 fully automatic 1-step buttonholes
* drop-feed for free motion sewing
* StayBright LED light
* adjustable stitch length & width
* heavy duty metal frame for skip-free sewing

I think traditionally speaking, sewing machines are perfect as a wedding or graduation gift, but they are also the perfect gift for someone that’s looking to live a more creative lifestyle. The beauty of knowing how to sew is you can do so much with it: keep your skill set at intermediate or challenge yourself to learn a new technique/style each month. Gussy up your home through sewn accessories {mistreatments, pillows, table cloths/napkins, pillow shams, mug rugs, quilts, baby & children items (!!!) — shall I go on?}.

I often receive emails asking for advice on how to find a good sewing machine, and the two things I always reply back with is: “if you don’t like the machine you buy you can definitely find someone to buy it from you,” and “older, solid machines never seem to die.”

Having a machine that has a heavy-duty metal frame is KEY for us, and so the Confidence Stylist should be a perfect fit.

Here are some of the machine’s features that I personally love:
* the drop-in bobbin. Being able to quickly glance at the thread level is super helpful, plus this means easy access & usability
* the DOZENS of available stitches. I love this for two reasons: there’s a serge-like stitch {yes!}, and the opportunity for exploration. Fun new projects, here I come!
* easy access accessory/notions drawer — ‘nough said.
* winding bobbins are easy/quick

What am I nervous about, though? That it’s a new machine, one I haven’t sewed on for too long and one that’s very different from the machine we’ve been using. I say this not to doubt my new Singer, but more so to share that some times it can be hard to change things up… It will be good, though!!!

I’m excited to sew with the Confidence Stylist, and introduce it to the Gussy Sews production team ;]

The Giveaway:

Singer is generously giving away two [2] Singer Confidence Stylist sewing machines. And, each winner will receive a medium zipped Gussy Sews pouch of their choice, sewn using our new machine. Please leave a comment below to enter; open to the US only. This giveaway will close tonight at 11:59pm CST {Friday, May 20th} and will announce their names on Saturday, May 21st.

fine print: Singer provided me with a Confidence Stylist sewing machine in exchange for a blog review & giveaway post. The words in this post are mine and the opinions you read are genuine. I would never provide you with anything else. [xo]

GOOD LUCK to everyone, and thank you all for giving me a reason to celebrate ♥.

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  1. 1504

    katie p. says

    Hey Congratulations!! I love hearing about people taking bold moves to change their life and do something that makes them happy and feeds their creative soul. You are INSPIRING!
    …and how cool would it be to win that awesome sewing machine?! Well, obviously YOU know!! I hope I will too! :) *wink wink*

  2. 1505

    GENA says

    I love your website you are so creative, every since I came across your site, I have taken out my brother sewing machine and started sewing up girly stuff for me and my grand-daughter. I have all boys so sewing for a girl is so much fun. The more I sew the more I come to love the craft. Congratulations on your one year anniversary and thanks for the inspiration.

  3. 1506


    Thank you for this great post! I would love to have the chance to sew on this machine! I love making clothes for my two small daughters.

  4. 1507


    Oh. My. Word. This is an amazing giveaway! I so desperately need a new sewing machine but sadly we aren’t able to work it into our budget right now. Thanks for the chance to win one of these lovelies! :D

  5. 1509

    Donna B. says

    I can’t believe I didn’t see this earlier today! *sobs uncontrollably*

    Before I short out my keyboard, I just want to say congrats :)

  6. 1511

    Christine Krueger says

    My “workhorse” sewing machine has seen a lot of seams — but I’d sure love to win a new electronic Singer!

  7. 1512

    Melba Lassy says

    LOVE your blog and your products. I also am a sewer and a quilter as well as my 11 yearols daughter. She sews lap quilts for nursing home residents who do not have family members. All together I am sore we have made at least 100 quilts. We have also started sewing for children in Haiti as a mission group with my mom. We sew on old Singer’s but we would throughly enjoy one that is new and easier to use.All the new add on’s that this machine has would aide in our projects to rebuild postive connections to people all over the world. PLUS, we could look girly and rufflely.
    Thank you for a chance to win this marvelous machine and sharing your God given talents. Your talent gives me desires to accomplish more and sew more.March of 2010 I had colostomy surgery, boy how that has changed my life. The need to sew clothes that hides the bag is always on my mind and trying to stay positive. I have several custom made items that I have made but a machine of this caliber would make a world of difference to my needs.
    Again, Gussy Sews is doing great things

    Melba Lassy