{Bauer’s Daybook — 9th edition}

what is up, my people?!

so sorry for the blogging delay. i have been a little busy lately, looking out the window as people walk their dogs. these photos are from a couple of weeks ago. the sun was shining so we went on a family walk {hellooooo, so embarrassing!}, and since then it’s been totally cold & rainy outside.

did you know this is my very first Spring? so far, so good. now that the snow has melted i’m noticing there are all sorts of colored things in our yard. mom calls them flowers and snaps her fingers at me when i try to lick them.

what? it’s just a lick.

i overheard these people…

…talking about an upcoming appointment at the dog groomer’s monday. mom said something about a “fluff & dry” station, then she laughed.

what she doesn’t know is after she laughed i piddled a little.


someone please tell me.

oh, here’s a photo of a yellow wreath my mom liked from our walk:

{not sure how that made it in here? this is my blog post.}

then at the end of our walk, mom & dad stopped for smoothies. i got a homemade dog treat ~ but really, anything from the counter would have been better:


OK — see you next week!
~ Bauer

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  1. 1


    Love how Zach is holding his leg in the first set of pictures. We do that to Ollie all the time and he never moves an inch when we do. Hope you’re enjoying the coming of spring!

  2. 3


    Hey Buddy Bauer!
    It’s The Doog here…barking your way from Bainbridge!
    Did I hear something about a DOG GROOMER!!!!
    Oh Lordy!!!
    Whatever you do…DO NOT click over to my crazy mom’s blog and read this post!
    Please don’t!
    You DO NOT want to see what’s in store for you when the HUMANS drop you off at THE GROOMERS!!!!!
    Make them PROMISE before dropping you off that you’ll be treated to a BURGER afterwards!!!!
    Let me know how it goes!
    Beg your mom NOT to tell the grooming lady to make you FLUFFY!!!
    It’s embarrassing!
    The DOOG!

  3. 5


    Ha loved this post! I had to keep reminding myself that it was Bauer writing the post… kept getting confused that your parents were in town visiting or something haha! Did you by chance make the homeade dog treat? And if so do you have a recipe?! Would love to make some for our dog!

  4. 9


    this totally and completely cracked me up. (silent laughter in the office so no one would know i was reading gussy.)

    do have a “voice” for bauer? my puppy definitely has a voice that my husband and i made up. imagine dug the dog from the movie up but in a higher pitched voice.

  5. 11


    Haha – too cute! Sugar and Ramon say that Bauer needs some extra treats after going to the groomers!! (Don’t tell Sugar but she has an appointment in two weeks!) Eek!!

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