{a Gussy Sews & Eclectic Whatnot combo set}

Ohhhh, friends, this is a match made in ruffly heaven…

*Click here to buy!*

A little bit ago Ruthanne of Eclectic Whatnot [blog, shop] and I decided to combine our ruffles by offering y’all a combo set. Eeeeek! It’s probably the best idea we’ve had since we became friends *wink*.

And now it’s time to share this combo set with you: click here to purchase an Eclectic Whatnot dSLR camera strap slip cover + a Gussy Sews make-up bag.

♥ You can also purchase this combo set in Ruthanne’s shop.

Do I hear a Yeow! ?

or, would that be a ::snort:: ?

*Click here to buy!*

Make sure you click over to Ruthanne’s blog and see her post on the combo set! I love how we showcase this ruffly promo differently ~ use the zippered pouch to organize your camera accessories, or use it to organize your purse. Either way is perfect :]

This set is available for a limited time and is ready-to-ship {yeow!}.

*Stay tuned for future Eclectic Whatnot & Gussy Sews promos, too!

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    Awesome stuff ladies! If I had a DSLR camera, I’d be snatching that up so fast. But, alas, I am the farthest thing from a good photographer, and could never justify the camera, lol. I do absolutely LOVE the print though. Any chance you’ll be making other bags with that print?

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