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Today I am feeling excited. I recently shared with Zack that I miss being around more friends and I so desperately want to see them/people more. Yesterday I spent the afternoon with Elle and her daughter, Olive [the one who calls Bauer “Bauer-t” ~ with a British accent], and it was so fun! Shopping, lunch & playing with Bauer. Perfect :] And today, Zack, Bauer and I went on an afternoon walk in our neighborhood, wandering the streets around us and then stopping at the hardware store for potting soil, a knob to screw to the side of my desk so I can hang my purse, and some bird food; the pet store for a new leash and rope toy; and the flower shoppe for a plant.

We love our neighborhood and the local shops nearby. I ended up buying two plants at Amelia’s: one that I can’t remember the name of anymore :} and another called Angel’s Tears [the plant on the right]:

The best part of this walk was that I spent probably 20 minutes chatting with the lady at the flower shop ~ Christina, about plants and watering and how Amelia makes their own worm compost. [So neat!] Turns out Amelia’s is hosting a Terrarium Construction 101 class this Saturday, so I signed up! Seriously, how perfect is this? It has me feeling excited, inspired, happy… I’ve always wanted to make a terrarium, and this Saturday I’ll learn how + bring one home.

At one point while talking with Christina I mentioned I loved the smell of her flower shop. The dirt, the flowers, the misty air. It makes me feel alive. I suddenly want to learn more about succulents and potting and… terrariums :] Life has an amazing way of connection people and opportunities, yes?

Today’s 7 pretty things post is inspired by my visit at the flower shop & my upcoming class on terrarium-making.

Terrarium: A sealed transparent globe or similar container in which plants are grown.

[photo credits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7]

Do you have a Terrarium? Have you ever made one?

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  1. 9


    I love all the little pieces and parts people put in their terrariums….it just makes me think of a little fairy living in it. Have fun, I look forward to seeing a photo of your finished project!

  2. 10

    Jenny Miller says

    I am loving all the terrariums! Especially the one with the granny chair. My boys and I found a great tutorial on making them in clear balls (like the Christmas ornament balls)! Glad you got some “girl” time :)

  3. 12


    What fun. I really like the look of the Angel’s tears. May have to get some for my porch too.

    It is so nice to feel part of a community. The fact that you were able to chat with the lady at the shop for 20 minutes just makes me smile. That just doesn’t happen very often anymore. Or maybe it does, but I don’t know about it! I’m always getting in and out as fast as I can with 3 kids in tow.

    I love the third picture of the plants in the glass tubes. Very pretty. Have fun at your class. (Now I want to go and take a class too!)

  4. 14


    Fabulous! Thanks for posting such beautiful shots. I’ve been wanting to put together a terrarium (it’s on my 101 in 1001 list). I hope you’ll share what you learn in class. Would love to see what you create! A little inspiration would be great. =) xx

  5. 15

    april c. says

    i am wishing & hoping that a future saturday craft will be teaching us all you learn about terrariums!! i would love love love to have one. once i had an enclosed ecosystem that sustained itself {with little shrimps inside!} for over 5 years <3 i loved that little thing, it's such a conversation piece!

    enjoy your class, and make lots of friends <3

  6. 16


    I am hopeless when it comes to plants… they just don’t live very long in my care, or lack thereof…
    Good luck with yours!

  7. 18


    A terrarium in a light bulb?!? Genius. Like everyone else, I think it would be fun to see pictures of your completed project:)

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