{What I Wore Wednesday – #12}

It has been super chilly in Minneapolis these last few days. No fun! I’ve even worn my red knit slipper boots a few times. Bauer probably laughs at me when I wear them. Haha! {Also, I thought it was mid-April…?!}

I’m linking up with Lindsey today for WIWW :] All my items are from Target ~ no surprise there, right? And for something a little different, I’ve highlighted the jewelry I’m wearing at the end of this post.

Lurve this gray sweater! It’s so lightweight and it looks good with so many different tanks. I will sniffle for 8 seconds as I put it away for the summer…

My jewelry: I only have a few pieces that I wear the most. Some times I wear Pretty Things by Meg, other times Allora Handmade. Below you see a Lisa Leonard necklace [I bought it at a craft market last fall in Minneapolis.] The star is stamped with “create” and it has 2 pretty beads. It’s perfect :]

My staple piece is my wedding ring… of course ♥. Zack and I were engaged July 3rd, 2006 and got married June 7th, 2008. My engagement ring is actually a bee-you-tiful cocktail ring. I love that it’s unique… it’s not a traditional engagement ring, although it’s a pretty popular style nowadays :]. And my two wedding bands are miracle bands! We found them after MONTHS of searching. Since my engagement ring isn’t a traditional engagement ring, a complimentary wedding band wasn’t made for it. All of the wedding bands we found were more “pointy” in the middle [the one we bought is more square-ish], and since I needed two [yes, needed two] we had an even smaller selection to pick from. Finally we found what we were looking for, and ironically I think it looks like it was made just for this style of engagement ring. Tee he he :]

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  1. 7


    No sniffling, and certainly no putting away that sweater for summer. It is too cute, and you can put it to good use on those cool summer nights!

  2. 13


    your wedding ring is beautiful, I was admiring it when your were doing your “hand knitting” tutorial! It looks vintage to me…like it looks new…but it has a old time feel to it!

  3. 15

    Deb Zorn says

    I think everyone should have two wedding bands. I love your rings. They are just “you.” You are just too cute.

  4. 16


    I’m relatively new to your blog – and love it – but I just wanted to say that I lived in Minneapolis for about six years (if you include the college years) and I loooove Target. No shame in having most of your clothes come from there – and I think anyone who has spent a significant amount of time in Minneapolis would agree with me on that one! :) Besides, your clothes are always so cute!

  5. 18


    How CUTE is Zack…commenting on YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love love love that SMILE on Zack’s face!
    That must be his I LOVE MAGGIE smile! ;o)
    Are you working out or WHAT!!!!
    Your body is ROCKIN’!!!!!
    You must workout between sewing projects!
    You need to do a post on how you keep those ABS so FLAT! Ah….haha!
    {I’m not kidding…please do a “FLAT AB” post!
    LOVED your post yesterday….need to email you my lengthy response. ;o)
    Hugs to you!
    Wags to Bauer!
    Hugs to Zack too~
    Oh…love the grey cardi.

  6. 19


    You look adorable! I’m almost wishing for a little cooler weather like where you are. I’m in Texas and yesterday it was mid-90’s! Being preggo, I was not thrilled. :)

  7. 20


    gray + pink! well gray + anything = fab.

    also target is awesome… they should pay you for all the love you give them! ;)
    happy wednesday :D

    p.s. love love love the engagement ring.

  8. 26

    Nikki says

    Where did you manage to find your wedding rings? From the looks of it, we have the exact same engagement ring (you must have great taste!). I had a terrible time finding a band to go with it.

  9. 28


    I love your rings! I’ve been wanting something like that whenever I get married (probably several years from now). The outfit is so cute, I love the colors.



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