{how do you date your man?}

Here are 3 more pics from our date last Saturday. Ohhhhh, looking through all the pictures we took for the magazine feature makes me SO HAPPY! {I’ll share the rest of the pics once the feature publishes.} I love dates with Zack. An afternoon spent in Uptown — eating yum-o food & making silly faces at each other — is our kind of date! This summer Zack and I will celebrate 3 years of marriage. So crazy how time zips by & how much fun we have, I love it!

Share with us: how do you date your man? What is your idea of a perfect date?

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    k says

    First comment on your blog, though I’ve been reading it for quite some time now!
    The hubs has been gone for work for almost 6 weeks (Coast Guard…) and he gets back next week (and we are paying our car off next week – a year and a half early!) so we are going out to celebrate for multiple reasons. Just some time together, no matter what or where, is the best. :) I can’t wait.

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    Nicole says

    Good question! I would say when we make dinner together. On most busy weekdays I’m the primary cook, but on weekends when we have more time we’ll try a new recipe and make it together. We then talk about the meal, and anything and everything about life at the table. It’s not uncommon for us to sit at the dining room table and talk for hours! In the summer we usually do this on the deck with a nice bottle of wine or a 6 pack of beer (this year it’ll be sparking grapejuice for me because of the baby I’m baking :-p )

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    Well, I don’t have a man, but I do take myself out on dates! Coffee while browsing a bookstore, reading on a blanket in the park, flying kites. If I waited for a man to ask me to do those things, I’d be waiting for awhile!

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    Really, ANY type of date with my hubby is great. I will forewarn you though: once kids come along, dating takes on a whole new life. Sadly, I remember our first dates away from the girls. Awkward silence. You dont want to talk about the kids because you’re supposed to be focused on each other. Yet on the other hand(at least for the momma) the kids have become your top priority, your life, and the only thing you can think about. It was like we had to learn how to date each other all over again.
    Thankfully, we’re past alot of that but the new reality becomes that these little people in your life are now part of your family. Kids change alot in a marriage but keeping the flames burning is important.
    Date him well now so that later on you’ll still have alot to look forward to on those date nights:)
    Great pics. Looks like you had fun

  5. 11


    I love dating my husband! We try to sit down and plan out a few dates for the coming month- anything from dinner out to coffee to hanging out at Barnes and Noble and looking at books together. I think that it doesn’t really matter what we’re doing- what makes it fun is that we’ve set aside these specific times just for each other and that makes every date a treat :)
    Also, sometimes our dates involve trying a new thing that we’ve been wanting to do- last month we made cheese at home!

  6. 12


    Right now and for the next 4 weeks date night consists of planting ourselves at the same table in our favorite coffee shop. There is little or no eye contact, but much clicking of keyboard keys, and the occasional banging of heads and fists on the cafe table. Needless to say after graduation I’m not sure what we’ll do – maybe *gasp* go to a movie! :D

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    the hubs and i went on a date last night to a concert in dinkytown! it’s probably been about a year since we’ve done a concert, with me being preggo all the time and all, but this one was definitely a concert i couldn’t miss out on! i even stood the entire three hours and danced along to the music (can i get some applause, please)! the belly definitely made it hard not to rub up on people, though. woops… anyway, we usually like to do coffee dates, eat out at ethnic hole-in-the-walls downtown, and window shop at the galleria. cheap dates are always the most fun!

  8. 16


    b and i had a fun uptown date yesterday too!
    we took a major bike ride, window shopping and sushi in calhoun square!


  9. 17


    Dating is a little harder being we have 3 kids, sometimes we go out(if we find babysitters) or sometimes we make the kids dinner get them off to bed and we make us a “special” dinner and watch a movie or we usually just end up cuddled up talking till the late hours of the night…Sometimes I miss the dating before kids, but for the most part I love our dates now!

  10. 19


    You and Zack are just THE PERFECT pair!
    So adorable together!
    And there you are…putting on that FAB mascara that makes those lashes bat back and forth at your Zack!
    GREG loves a good date!
    We LOVE to go to the movies.
    I can remember our very first movie together when we were dating.
    We were tangled up like pretzels!
    We do still hold hands in the movies..always. {greg has the softest hands}
    We will CELEBRATE 10 years this summer!
    When is your anniversary?
    Ours is June 30th!
    We’re going to Tofino…and staying in a LOVE {Sea} Shack!
    Take a peek: http://www.tofinoseashack.com/
    We’re going to learn to SURF to celebrate 10 years!
    Oh…and I’m taking my wedding dress and we’re having a photo shoot on Chesterman Beach with Doogan!
    I think I’ll wear a straw cowboy hat with my dress…to funky things up a bit! ;o)
    Happy Happy DATING to you and Zack!
    You are so blessed Sweet Girl to have such a FUN companion and friend and LOVE in Zack.
    It’s a TREASURE…for sure.
    Love it and protect it…cherish it and nurture it!
    What a GIFT!
    Can’t wait to see the magazine feature!
    Snuggles to Bauer~

    • 20


      our anniversary is June 7th ~ yay, we’re both June brides ♥
      you know I LOOOOOVE my mascara. seriously. it’s probably my favorite cosmetic. hah!
      you’re learning how to surf?! *jealous*

  11. 21


    Now that we are parents (to 3-year-old twins and a 2-year-old!) When we can find a sitter we try to find a quiet and inexpensive place to hang out with each other! Our favorite place lately is Barnes and Noble!

  12. 24


    y’all are cute. :) when you have four kids under five and a husband who is either training or deployed almost all the time…our date night has a very different definition than yours. we make “fake dates” where after we put the kids down we have dinner, a glass of wine, and watch a movie. i miss real date nights, but those will be back before we know it. :)

  13. 25


    oh dates, how fun! i love to watch dates between my fiancée and i evolve with time and it is especially fun to read the comments and see how others dates have evolved, especially when the family grows! it is so hopeful!

    our typical date generally includes walking to the village in st. paul’s highland park – to have dinner, rent a movie, or browse the shops. half price books is right next door to patina so i go into patina and browse, he goes into half price to browse then we come find each other when we are done. butterflies always occur when i see him or he comes up and asks what i’m finding :)

    these dates often don’t feel like dates but just real life. then at times i have to stop and pinch myself because what feels like a fairy tale is actually reality <3!

    ps. Gussy ~ Pete, my fiancée told me the other day as I was reading blogs – "Gussy has a husband? We should totally double date them-they seem like really fun people" ;)

  14. 26


    I love dates, I never want them to end, it is a reminder of how much we still love each other even when messy life things can get in the way. I also love coming home, it is always a little extra special after a romantic day together, if you ladies no what I mean, that is the real way to spice up a marriage,a smiling, happy date

  15. 28


    I like this post because I LOVE to date my man and we have been married almost 17 years now!
    YEEEOOOUCH! A must for sure when kids come in to the picture too.
    He needs to know I’m not just a mama and am still that dorky-cool chick he married when she was a mere 19!
    Thanks for the fun post,

  16. 29


    Awesome pics!!! Congrats on your upcoming anniversary!!!
    A perfect date for me and my special one is:
    Cooking dinner together
    Going to the baseball game
    Come home, drink some beers and talk the night away!!!
    Wouldn’t change it for anything!!!!!!

  17. 30


    We HAVE to get out. Dress up, look nice for each other, and GET OUT. It can be a museum, thrift store, the mall, coffee, ANYWHERE. When we’re at home, we’re cuddled on the couch, yes, but lost in either computer, phones, TV, etc. SOMETIMES we even leave the house and LEAVE OUR PHONES BEHIND. *gasp!* I love date days & nights! Thanks for sharing with us!

  18. 31


    My husband and I love to have “drive around” dates. We just get in the car and drive … to no place particular. Sometimes we end up somewhere (Krispy Kreme, Sonic, or Chic-Fil-A) and get a snack. Other times we ride and just come back home after awhile. It’s a time to be together, chat, and just enjoy each other’s company. These are truly some of my favorite dates!

    Some background: We both came from very traditional homeschooling families … We met at 13, but we weren’t allowed to be alone in the same car together until we were engaged (!!) at 20. We spent years driving in separate cars! So, to this day, after nearly 7 years of marriage, we still enjoy the simplicity of riding in the car alone together!

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    Lindsey I. says

    our typical date is a good steak dinner (my favorite). We generally eat too much and need to walk around Target afterwards :) We like to do this on a weekday to break the week up. Friday nights we generally spend at Starbucks playing cribbage like an old retired couple :) (we’re in our early 20s!). Some of my favorite dates have been spontaneous/silly things like Christmas light looking, or driving through the fanciest neighborhood we can find and making up stories about the people who live in the houses, or bowling on our lunch breaks! His favorite thing is when I surprise him and called him at work to ask him on a date.

    PS that picture of you is adorable!

  20. 33


    I just stumbled across your blog and I am so inspired! I’ve been dreaming about teaching myself to sew for the last couple of months and have decided as soon as I move back to NZ (in 2 months time!) I am going to purchase a sewing machine and teach myself from scratch! And seeing you do it makes me believe I can too. Can’t wait to read more of your blog. Thanks for the inspiration! =)

  21. 34


    You two are way too darn cute!! We like to find a great new restaurant, and nine times out of ten, I do the ordering because the hubs forgets to bring his reading glasses. Then we go to a book store or do some window shopping, and finish the night at Starbucks. “Typical.” ;)

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